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  2. yes tama please help judge <3
  3. yes all languages are accepted
  4. Valentine's Day 2010 Event Hosted by Holly Enix and Melissamosh Okay, lovebirds! It's time for an event that will involve strategic planning and thinking. But, why not plan with the person you love? Your job is to find someone that could make a good pair with you, whether it may be your best friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or just a random person off the prontera street. And this, is a 2 vs 2 pvp event. Ah but wait, you don't have to have godlike equips to win. Why, you ask? Because MVP cards as well as the famous Hopping Filir will not be activated in this event. You can wear them, but they will not work on that specific PVP Map. Although, Luxury hat can be used, but mark that it only heals 1/4 of the original amount. Miniboss cards however, will work. You enter with a level 250 char. You're going to have to use your true knowledge of pvp to win this event. When you've found your partner, start planning and equipping for this. » Take note that anyone, who is under suspicion of using the 'sprite edit trick', may be asked for a screenshot of that current situation. » Incase of refusing you may be disqualified and the enemy is the winner. The event will be held on February 13th, 2010 at 16:30 Servertime. 30 minutes after WoE 1.0. But perhaps the best thing about this event is the prize. No it's not a symbol, or a rare headgear, or a god MVP, but it IS something gRO has never seen before. The prize will be a ring that you and your sweetheart can wear, that will transform you into a custom mob. That's right, it's custom! And the custom mob is so adorable, too~ Teehee, happy planning guys! And happy valentine's day from the gRO team~ *[c] Credit for inspiration of disabling the MVP Effect by the Helping Hand-member Silhouette » Further Additions * Outside buffs are not allowed. Before the fight begins, you'll be killed & revived once to ensure. * Healing Items disabled. * Luxury hat only heals 1/4 of the whole amount. * Maya Card effect disabled. (This was my (Holly Enix') mistake. I forgot High Wizard was a MVP card.) * Scroll Buffs and Food Stats allowed. * Resurrection not allowed. If once died, you're out. * Registration closes on February 13th, 2010 at 13.00 Servertime. Fill out Character Names: Classes:
  5. Melissamosh

    Lottery Of /fsh

    this is such a great idea, key xD
  6. actually, everyone can sing. you really should have faith in yourself
  7. lemme know if there's any posts you'd like me to delete from this thread
  8. Everyone, please don't post on this thread unless you plan on applying. thanks.
  9. i'll get more info about the skype dates soon
  10. skype rules turned back to normal
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