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  1. Well duh( humans classify as Demi human race, medium, and non boss) derp The conclusion was meant for cards and the original post. Ken you forgot the 5 ATK modifier on skeleton worker and skeleton worker don't stack with hydra you don't combine them to make 38%(wth) Glorious weapons have increments against Demi human so they stack with hydra. % modifiers with the exception of critical damage% attack%[hydra tg sw ]ONLY EFFECT weapon attack(including upgrade bonuses). A certain foes equipment like a cranial shield works like a reverse hydra so a CRANIAL shield vs + a hydra will yield out to 1000+(20-30)%= 900 now the formula you are stating is wrong how did you get 38% when you added hydra with skeleton worker? They are separate compounds so they are compounded at different times. Mine was a clear comparison why you don't want cards to stack by providing 2 cards with separate 20% ATK modifiers. Since ken was being nit picky about my conclusion ill do a modification In conclusion the sum of increments and decrements multiplied by the (base weapon+upgrade bonuses) x str bonus modifier with thana/inca to nullify the defense portion of the formula.
  2. That's wrong. Card stackability is a bad thing, what you want are multiple compounds. take 1000 attack with 2 hydra(40%) vs 1 Hydra and 1 tgen TWO separate compounds. It'll make a difference. If you use hydra x2 its 1000+40%; BUT if you use 1 hydra 1 tgen its 1000+20%+20%=1440. I suggest using two separate cards rather than the 2 of the same cards. These are facts. In ken's case 1000+40% =1400 vs 1005+20%+15%=1386.9. now with 3 hydras vs 2 hydra 1 skele 1000+60%=1600 vs 1005+40%+15%=1618.05 If card script is different then they do not stack. [a good thing] If card script are the same then they do stack. [a bad thing] In conclusion it really depends on what you're base(weapon) is. ~I am legend.
  3. It's your rights, run notepad.exe as an administrator. or simply save the document else where and replace it while reconfirming rights. 1. Make your desired changes. 2. Save it to desktop as dinput.ini while making sure that your save mode is on all files, not on txt file. 3. Open GatheringRO Folder usually found (C:\Program Files (x86)\GatheringRO) 4. Drag and replace the ini file. Confirm the Administrative rights needed for the action. This isn't possible if you aren't an administrator.
  4. Just something I remember but endure is useless on rk cause concentration is the same effect with 50 hit.not to mention it provides a camouflage making it harder to find out if you're stoned Enchant blade bypasses kyrie so it's also a good status inducing move when you're meleeing.
  5. I like the preview post feature on the forum.
  6. Internet speed. We are not iro based. We are kro based
  7. 6. Complaint/Grievance Topics If the topic is pertaining to any person on this server, whether it be a player, a GM, a group of players or a group of GMs, a PM must be sent to the person(s). Complaint/grievance topics are absolutely not to be made about others. If you are looking for a public opinion on any person(s), discuss it with your friends elsewhere that is not related to GatheringRO. Members are free to air their concerns about the server only, and only if it is constructive. No insults toward the GM team/players/server and/or the decisions of those persons will be tolerated. They are also to be posted in the Suggestions Section only. That also means that the topic must not only have one's constructive concerns written, but a plausible solution must also be named. This applies to the entire topic. https://gatheringro.com/community/index.php?showtopic=41758#entry377897 GM's can see votes. Ignore this I'm sorry for knowing the rules Topics are nice if I can read the font. @ topic I was wondering who would win but felt bad to whom might get voted disliked.
  8. Not to be harsh but this isn't such a nice thread, labeling others especially those with authority. Isn't very smart either just getting to be a gm makes them all great.
  9. Actually its caused by macros. spamming packets to the server to fast. this scenario has happened to me when i was making scrolls as well. The system will just prevent you from logging in for an hour.
  10. Not necessarily s4t4n they want a higher overall damage so two right type weapons might be more suitable for breaking a small sized boss monster. Tg abysmal Orc skeleton +tg abysmal Thanatos on 2 mes or 2 balmung might do the job in balancing the effectiveness against the emp.the main reason why people use 4 slots on the left is one is needed for drake and the main skill cross impact is only based on the attack of the right handed weapon. Emp. is small sized.
  11. Use a katar get 50 crit using luck then minimum AGI for the katar rest is Str or vit if you are pure crit type unless you plan on going hybrid type a from a previous guide.
  12. It'd be crap for cross impact.
  13. Balmung is a right handed weapon DW is a left hand weapon only. This guide already provides the best pvp damage outputs.
  14. 21 attack is nothing significant when grimtooth a base is higher. Balmung a base is higher with equivalent slots. I'm not an expert at woe but for breaking I think theoretically they'd use 2 right hand weapons for breaking since auto attack is the only way to break emp, reduce the need for drake card the essential card for the 4th slot.
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