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  1. A new drawing? Sorry and not to be offensive and all. It looks like a grandma that hasn't changed the appearance of her face/skin. Peace! Keep it up
  2. Looool! I just said i like the santa suit too but I didn't know you would actually draw it. xD I should have said I like Gryphon and RG more!!! Keep up the good work!
  3. Yes, I do aloot blue gemstone because it has 100%. The only thing with that is either your inventory is open all the time just to count how many you have killed or you kept on checking them every single time. When your inventory is open you could miss some crystals because it blocks part of your view. It is just a small suggestion to help make the crystal mining a bit better than before.
  4. [Small suggestion] When you kill your daily quest monsters it has a counter how many you have killed. It would be nice to have it on the mining too. There are some cases that you might encounter 2-4 crystal but you already have 19 kills before you warped out. The extra loots however are not accounted for anymore so you have to quickly go in. Once you go back in you always have to check the last spot you have been just in case it dropped something while you were outside. Example: [Crystal Mine] You have killed 4/20 Strange Crystals, keep it up! Side Note: Jump and burn them all.
  5. The guide needs update but here is the new coords for the Sign Board to start the quest. @warp althea_in 39 38
  6. The error is still there same error codes.
  7. Reset your look on the website and see if it helps.
  8. Even with the patches that was release the error still persist. I think both female and male because I get a different error.
  9. People are getting errors when I use @mount2 and it was tested on althea. Most of the players got errors even if they have the latest updates of the client and kRO. The person who is using the premium does not get affected by the error only the people around.
  10. The npc takes the items but did not give the end product. I made 500pcs in one go a recently before the update. Test for 450pcs and didn't work. Second test was 100pcs and worked. Third test 300pcs still ate everything but no item given. Screenshot: STUCK! Can't move can't do anything unless I close the client Can I request a refund of items or give me 750 Counteragent?
  11. I've already ask that question and the answer is... No, it is not allowed.
  12. Awesome as always! Don't ignore those chocolates!!!
  13. Nicocaine

    December Patch

    Finally! The website can be viewed properly on mobile phones. Awesome update. Keep it up!
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