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  1. I guess i never posted here to make it simple Nanaki was a random name i came up playing a Game <3 Nanaki is by now one of my many OCs
  2. i returned a few weeks back
  3. hrmmmm i kinda wanna know what that surprise could be ;A; i hope it's not something i cannot really put to use XDDDD since i'm.... diffrent from the Casual RO-Players
  4. Nanaki

    Server Maintenance

    oh i wonder what's it could be O.O maybe sum fluffy Twin bunnies for me ;p aaaanyways i'm now even more impatient BUT i'll stay quiet and hope for it to be back soon
  5. Nanaki

    Server Maintenance

    thanks for the info Everade a ray of hope! ^^
  6. Nanaki

    Server Maintenance

    orly it's the 3rd day for me
  7. Nanaki

    Server Maintenance

    Mabinogi NA, 23 hours downtime to include G11 or G12 idk and 40 hours downtime to include G4-6 so yes this ain't much XD and here it's a server issue not lazyness of the Admins
  8. didn't had time come to the 4th event ._. sry guys my Computer crashed on monday and i tought on Tuesday it will be fine.... and yesterday i had to do all again cause my ''computer-por'' sis just installed Windows again instead of Formate C: XD
  9. Nice Guide Mirri ^^ and that's the cause i double clienting while taming pets xD when it comes to a MVP i can change on my other window and kill it maybe with SinX or i have my sister that holds the monsters and can act if a MvP comes out
  10. Forum Name: Nanaki Character Name: MichiChan Character Job: Lord Knight
  11. yeah like the list i tough it will change at 150 not 101 XD so i was confused when i got 103 and the Shy lvl... anyway we fall into spam XD
  12. Fire DO YOU even understand it itimacy lvl GOES FROM AWKWARD TO SHY AT 150 means IT CHANGES AT 150 what it don't do -.-
  13. uh whats this... oh it happened again Intimacy: Shy hominfo : Intimacy: 102
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