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  1. does carlos still have the old rewards too?? cos that quest is so hard and i dunno if i feel like gathering ALL those damn items for a SMALL CHANCE of getting something new :/ edit: marc, can you at least pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase give me a hint to which eggs contain costumes/hats in them? pllllllleeeeeaaaassseee <3 <3 <3
  2. everade, how long will the cash shops be in there for? if they are in at least till may 3rd i can get more xD
  3. it's okay hun, don't worry!! *patpat*
  4. it's okay! i like them enough b/c they don't have a headband <3
  5. @Autumn Angel the ones from the cash shop aren't animated ;w; oh well... just sucks now cos i can't get the moon and stars xD
  6. @Autumn Angel thank you so much!! i do believe i will be buying them then :3
  7. i am particulary interested in the white rabbit ears... what makes them different from the other bunny ears!? i must know!
  8. Hey, can I get a screenie of the new cash shop items? I want to know what they look like before I get them please~! (also what are the rewards for the easter event? o-o)
  9. omg thank you babe <3 that means a lot to me <3 <3 <3
  10. sadly no, i'm so curious to what they look like.
  11. Shadow Chaser is next I believe, been seeing previews, and it looks incredible!
  12. I can't close the window once I open it, the close button doesn't work. I have to @jump or relog, etc.
  13. everything works for me fine atm.
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