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  1. Woodie doesn't have that command i've double checked just now
  2. Nice update Eve as always ! Can we get an update on the world boss clock ? Also its possible to get auto-feed pet system for woodie ?
  3. Dear Santa,My name is Travis Touchdown ingame and my real name is Daniel (NOT PEDRO SHUNOTWIFU) - I am 24 years old.I'd really like to have an Rainbow Sash, as its rare and I kinda dont need any headgear at the moment because reasons (shu would prob hack my acc *pls report jk* :c )Hopefully you can fulfill my wish so I can become all fab and rainbow ~ Yours,Dany
  4. Dany

    Taming Item

    weird, I didnt changed anything since few months when I did daily
  5. Dany

    Taming Item

    so I tried to tame Dokebi with his taming Item : Old Broom, tried like 10+ times but it didint work is it just bad luck or he got a new taming item ?
  6. Carlos is my kind of bish <3 ! Glad he came back this year, nice guide khai \o !
  7. Dany

    Shuichi's Art

    Wifu is leaving no point in comming back bah >:c
  8. Dany

    Can't Store Item?

  9. dont worry nobody wants. *manhole and runs cough*
  10. Overall all I have to say is HOT (dang everade you're on fire with those last updates, keep it up !), yet I cannot lie im a bit dissapointed with the box restrictions and such and the removal of the token boxes from the adventure guild, dammit I asked for more rewards in there not to remove them </33333
  11. you can also use Status Foods (+1~+10 or +20) and if you die you can use token of siegfried to resu
  12. eve question, the costume poring glasses is summer sale exclusive or they will stay in the cash shop ?
  13. I think so yeah, Its only restricted to carts
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