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  1. Woodie doesn't have that command i've double checked just now
  2. Nice update Eve as always ! Can we get an update on the world boss clock ? Also its possible to get auto-feed pet system for woodie ?
  3. Dear Santa,My name is Travis Touchdown ingame and my real name is Daniel (NOT PEDRO SHUNOTWIFU) - I am 24 years old.I'd really like to have an Rainbow Sash, as its rare and I kinda dont need any headgear at the moment because reasons (shu would prob hack my acc *pls report jk* :c )Hopefully you can fulfill my wish so I can become all fab and rainbow ~ Yours,Dany
  4. Dany

    Taming Item

    weird, I didnt changed anything since few months when I did daily
  5. Dany

    Taming Item

    so I tried to tame Dokebi with his taming Item : Old Broom, tried like 10+ times but it didint work is it just bad luck or he got a new taming item ?
  6. Carlos is my kind of bish <3 ! Glad he came back this year, nice guide khai \o !
  7. Dany

    Shuichi's Art

    Wifu is leaving no point in comming back bah >:c
  8. omg <GM> Nab ! *quick hide ur wife, ur kids and ur wives ;o; ! gz btw \o

    1. Sissney


      tnx Dany xD


  9. /lvSending my love to ma wifu since she ignored me nows, but I still love y /lv

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Shuichi


      Don't believe that @raphaelluigi, he is on parteh all day long :).

      I'm there sometimes! just passing by /ok I have been a little busy with school but in my free times, I'm online /heh

    3. aLeL


      I still luv you all.....except Shuichi....la la al al ala .....hahahahha

    4. Dany


      alllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!! /lv

  10. Bish~ /heh /lv baaaaahahaha!!

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    2. raphaelluigi
    3. Shuichi


      Wow... great Daniel. I wish one day I can receive those words too, BIATCH. Bai.


      And... LOL... you got some visitors for mah comment, even one asian guy that don't talk to me but he was reading it. /ok

    4. Dany


      tsh tsh all my love for u wifu /lv

  11. New Avatar made by my wifu @Shuichi for mah bday , love it <3 

  12. Dany

    Can't Store Item?

  13. dont worry nobody wants. *manhole and runs cough*
  14. Overall all I have to say is HOT (dang everade you're on fire with those last updates, keep it up !), yet I cannot lie im a bit dissapointed with the box restrictions and such and the removal of the token boxes from the adventure guild, dammit I asked for more rewards in there not to remove them </33333
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