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  1. and i cant log in my RG due to error on wardrobe on rental house -.- cant log on site also for resetting my character.
  2. Premium account commands are disable. Wardrobe on rent house error. Maya reflect miss sometimes.
  3. Forum name:P r a i r i e Character name:an Orange
  4. Name : Aerie l TheDoomChicken Wish : A Valentines Ring Reason why i want the item : its so cool even rare one, so i want it as a gift? Happy Birthday Beast
  5. Dear Santa, My in-game name is Aerie l The DoomChicken. My real name is Aldrin and im 18 years old. I'd like to wish for a PCB(pussycat bell) for this Christmas. I really love that headie, its number one of my favorite stuff Yours, Aldrin )
  6. do all participants have a price? what about the 2nd,3rd,4th placer?
  7. paanu un dedeliver mu ung pizza?... haha mya gagawa nga ako!.... !
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