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  1. Do we really need to wait 2 days for deleting a character?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. raphaelluigi


      to avoid scamming <3

    3. Yamamoto Takeshi

      Yamamoto Takeshi

      Alam mo pa password ng account ko de?

    4. P r a i r i e

      P r a i r i e

      wala nga eh, pm mo si everade para ma recover natin hahaha

  2. I got Convex Mirror in Daily Log in, 3times in a row -.-

    1. jsum90


      3 days of Advanced Buff Scroll here. sucks

    2. Everade


      Please create a proper bug report if you want to be heard.

      Should be fixed now.

  3. Banning Sphree

    1. Yzobel


      I notice that few people woe 2.0 lately, probably they got banned. /swt

    2. Hersheys


      Yea I had a feeling that was the case. Purity only had like 8 members. They usually are 20+

  4. I love megaphone.

  5. thanks for Rosevine(whip) :D

    1. RHEN KHEi

      RHEN KHEi

      Bayot Ade! haha!

  6. and i cant log in my RG due to error on wardrobe on rental house -.- cant log on site also for resetting my character.
  7. Premium account commands are disable. Wardrobe on rent house error. Maya reflect miss sometimes.
  8. Bored -;- ang lag ng DN..

    1. checkbrief


      bigti ka.samahan ka ni bugoy.ahaha

    2. P r a i r i e

      P r a i r i e

      ay papansin.. hahaha

    3. checkbrief


      hahahahaha!!boring din e.ahahaha

  9. FUCKED UP! LMAO on DC >.

  10. fuck 12hours DC >.

    1. Daddy X

      Daddy X

      bat b nagkaganyansayo ade?

    2. P r a i r i e

      P r a i r i e

      ewan ko di din alam nun admin ee? :D

  11. im still dc from 2pm to 6pm? can anyone help meh? D:

  12. im still dc from 2pm to 6pm? can anyone help meh? D:

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