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  1. Dear Santa, My name is LaMoon ingame and my real name is Lujan. I'd really like to have Blank Eyes, it's so funny, and cute xD. Hopefully you can fulfill my wish. Yours, Lu (yes, Im a girl...)
  2. yah I know xD I was thinking of saying something like "well, whatever, here:" and Ill do, let's see... too lazy to post it as image from photobucket, sorry D: actually my PC is a bit slow because it used to be a bigger resolution >.<~ I needa restart!!!!
  3. who is working on this event now if Mahrze supposedly quit??? I was working on an entry and now Im not sure what I should do ·___·
  4. TTATT thnx guys~♥ the others were really good too ·__· I wish I could follow their improvement, but I bet they play RO more than they draw now xD (it happened to me tooo ;__ thnx key x3~♥I love you too
  5. LOL, thnx ras u.u I cant wait to have my internet back and play again TT___TT (for a moment I was like "what? the contest didnt finish??-goes to photoshop and draws another entry" xDDD
  6. ROFL at the video xDD I tried to make some special person participate in the video's stuff but he didnt want to because he said he was getting owned in that video really bad, even though I spammed "I love you" for the whole WoE 2.0 *sigh* old time ;^; I miss em~ @jill thnx sweetie :3
  7. nuu, I rarely participate in an event xD and I never won anything.... and I procrastinate a lot... waaah!!! I have to stop complaining, I wanna participate n form part of the drawing event /slurrrr
  8. Forum name: Fen Fen ¦3 character name: Miyuki
  9. I've done this quest a lot of times, and now I cant find the pirate NPC again ·__· (and I mean, AFTER you said you added a new item to the quest *thief ring?*). if its somewhere else, please tell me cuz I even help other ppl by asking for the symbols only so they can get those headgear they love XDD~~
  10. Uhmmm... maybe perfect hide isnt that perfect maybe it's like chase walk, you can get a stalker off of chase walk by heavens drive it or something XD. after all I dun think you wouldnt be able to see them with a maya p. and if tehre is a difference between perfect hide n chase walk is that you can't attack during chase walk, but if I didnt read wrong, you can attack from perfect hide, amirite?. anycase, we'll always find a way . (BTW the thorat thing of the guillotine cross is , we'd better watch out for that than the perfect hide thing, LOL) Im glad that ranger will have hide D:!!!!! I always felt like a 15 Y.O. girl walking naked thru the castle on sniper, since I was used to stalker n chase walk ROFL, so noob . at least so that I can sit somewhere safe hiding until some maya p user pwns me...
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