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  1. Custom quests give coupons?
  2. Ah she showed up already! Does she only show up at certain time? *quickly does the quest* Great guide!!!
  3. Still no response to this? I cannot find the Kim NPC as well... any chance that the event is over? T_T
  4. Wow looking forward to it~
  5. Hmm yea... actually what I need more is the in-depth guide about Clown's musical skills... like which song should be learnt and which needs not be (including the ensemble songs). And a question.. do ppl use Clown only for their frost joker and tarot cards?
  6. Hm? What if we put it this way, I start to hide and jump, YOU spam Breaker on me everytime I pop out, but I immediately use Tatami. Err anyway.. why would I hide and jump only just to let you spam Breaker on me? It's more convenient to hide and just use Shadow Slash after that. So in that case, you have no other choice than to spam Meteor Assault, I guess? Hmm so if you're dead from the 1st FS then I think the story is over?
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