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  1. Yue

    Zie's Art

    Seeing those videos or Orion just made me even more sad for being allergic to cats. D: He looks like a young version of the cat I had when I was around 2 years old, before we had to give him and another cat away because of the damned allergy started. I'm glad I still have some pictures of them. And by the way, you chose a nice name for him. Orion sounds good and fits him (as far as I can judge by those couple of videos, lol). :]
  2. Yue

    Triple "B" Event

    Name : Yue Chang Shi Wish : Shark Hat Reason why I want the item : I love sharks and having this headgear would be awesome, but as it was a donation and not available anymore, there's no possibility to get it now. :l
  3. Yue

    Zie's Art

    Okay. Lol, it won't wear off that fast, obviously. If I can find black steel I might try making something. With the crappy patinating liquid we have at school patinating's out of question now, our old one was great. <.< Have you tried other chain designs?
  4. Yue

    Zie's Art

    Nice nice, you seem to really like making chains, byzantines especially. ;D I have a similar byzantine bracelet, but it's patinated silver. I should re-patinate it though, starting to wear off. Have you used black steel before? If so, does the color wear off soon? I know black bronze loses the color very fast but no idea about steel. Pliers can do that, even those 'more expensive' ones. Just take breaks so it might not bruise so badly. xD
  5. Yue

    Letter To Santa

    Dear Santa, My name's Yue Chang Shi in-game, and my real name's Hanna. I just turned 18 a couple of months ago. I didn't really have to think what to wish for, because as I'm quite a shark-fanatic, I of course would love to get Shark Hat. I never had the chance to get it because it was a donation and because it can't be traded, and that made me quite sad. I hope you could grant my wish. Yours, Hanna
  6. I don't really watch TV much anymore, but some good series I've watched are: The Simpsons Supernatural Dexter NCIS Friends Not sure if these can be counted as series, as they are kind of reality-shows, but: Kill Arman The Survivor The Contender Top Chef Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Ripley's Believe it or not
  7. Yue

    Zie's Art

    Judging by the fact that you said you hate hair, I assumed you weren't too happy about the outcome. And I'm perfectly aware of you not having a tablet. Why do you only use 3-5 pixel brushes? Even though I totally lack experience with digital coloring, after the first drawing I colored that way I've done so a couple of times more, and I'm not saying it's easy with a mouse. But then again, I've no intention to make the hair look as realistic as possible, altough that fact doesn't make it any easier. Oh well, me and Mirri were just stating our opinions.
  8. Yue

    Zie's Art

    Is the hair finished or still in progress? I think there should be darker shadows or brigther highlights. It kind of looks like stone in a weird way.
  9. Yue

    Zie's Art

    The eye doesn't look that bad when it's colored, but is still bugging me a little. xD When are you gonna color the hair? Oh, I owned the page. >8D
  10. Yue

    Esuru's Gallery

    Wah, I love Mint's outfit. It looks cooooool. As well as the charcter himself. The hair's colored well and has a good, rather uncommon color, looks like mint. I wonder if it smells like that too? XD Is the priest an old drawing? I'm sure I've seen it before. Or maybe it just looks similar.
  11. Yue

    Zie's Art

    You're good at coloring skin. And now that I know you don't have a tablet, I'm more amazed at your skills to draw digitally. o.o However, the eyes bug me, especially the right eye. It looks too wide.
  12. Yue

    Esuru's Gallery

    Oh my god, it's perfect. *3* Thank you so much! I just wake up and you made my morning a bit better. ;D
  13. Yue

    Esuru's Gallery

    Your art is awesomeeee. *__* I gotta get to Geffen and find you in hopes of getting a drawing from you, if you don't mind. >:3
  14. Yue

    Esuru's Gallery

    You've gained yet another stalker in dA. > I love your art. I don't really know what else to say, that sums it all up. And that little BL comic is a plus. ;D
  15. Yue Chang Shi was the name of my first character in the first RO server I played. I just searched for cool Chinese names and that one was good. It means moonstone. Then I just shortened it to Yue, and there are several variations too, like uh, Yueha (ha comes from my name) and Yuerai.
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