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  1. This is probably the script that determines the chances of getting symbols "getrandgroupitem(IG_Sanbica_Gift_Box,1)" This means that when you open the gift box you will randomly get 1 item from the item group which Everade designated as IG_Sanbica_Gift_Box for reference this is the item script of an old blue box " getrandgroupitem(IG_BlueBox),1; " As for the specific rates of getting a symbol, you will probably have to ask Everade for the specific rate, since as far as I know there is no easy way of accessing those item group databases.
  2. Nazue

    You are active here again?!
    OMG...it is ages ago we last talked... I don't believe it... how are you doing?
    Try finding me on Facebook >Nazue Chan to get into touch again /heh

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    2. Sirk


      Take your time :) IRL is more important than ingame.

      Good luck on your thesis :D

      If you don't mind me asking, what is it about? hehe


    3. Nazue


      I am currently at creating a questionnaire about event related shame and guilt in English Language ;)

    4. Sirk


      :O wow

      Well I'd like to help but I'm pretty sure you have it under control :) so I'll offer RO help when you come on instead :) 

      Good Luck! /no1

  3. I just noticed, Flying galapago was a cash shop item and not a vote shop item. Everade are you also bringing back cash shop items ingame?
  4. nice. I think Poring and Deviling Rucksack were also vote items at one point.
  5. Great guide! I like how detailed it is. That way if ever i come across a new player asking for how to get zenies or someone just asking me whats a better way of killing goldrings(one of these already happened to me a few weeks ago ), I can just direct them to this guide. I would, however, like to suggest that you tell people following the second part of your guide to not to use the beginner armor set. This is because that set autocast defensive skills when hit. Now normally this would be a good thing however because the spells that are being autocasted have global cast delay and that th
  6. I think Alexaa was referring to the old title of the guide which was "Work in Progress do not open and do not delete" since I could not figure out how to save the draft of the post. Thank you for summarizing the introduction though for first-time readers I still highly suggest they read my introduction since it is not that long anyway Thank you for your feedback and additional information
  7. I aim to please >:D Also guide is done
  8. Alexaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    2. Alexaa


      trying my best to stick around this time! /swt3

    3. Rayvier


      It's all good, we just came back too ahah

    4. Alexaa


      yay! friends :p

  9. I have set my resolution to 1360 x 768 x 32 and it looks like its working normally Thank you very much
  10. Here is a screenshot of my current setting I will look into option c. thanks
  11. My latest screenshot that was fine was on june 18 and the earliest that was corrupted is on june 24 Used the same computer. only thing that changed was I upgraded to windows 10 when the new patcher came out
  12. Sirk's Guide to Casting and Cast Times Table of contents I. Introduction II. Individual Class Breakdowns Note: Units used is Seconds. If the skill is not posted here, that means its either a passive skill or has no cast time. If the skill has increasing or decreasing cast times as you increase the skill level, I will note down the cast times of both extremes. Disclaimer! Not all cast times noted below are accurate. There are multiple reasons why, one of which could be that my source is based on IRO servers while gRO follows the KRO server. Either way, This d
  13. If you guys fix this can you also tell me how? I'm having the same problems and I tried turning off both my firewall and antivirus as well as run as administrator and I still fail to connect to patch server. Thanks
  14. Sirk

    Serin's Gold Ring

    It’s ok now. There was another chance during the quest to get rid of it. Thanks
  15. Is there anyway to get rid of it. I tried giving it to the npc but she wont take it.
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