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  1. it's not a bug, u just dont know about berkana parry and PD ^^
  2. i haven't seen anyone doing 100k cannon w/o inspi, maybe their target is just using devi and the RG use converters, you can use pnuma(errende card) to block it so not OP at all
  3. i think the shield spell bug is caused by thana. i removed my thana and i put inca instead, it doesn't give 999k dmg now. btw, that 999k dmg of shield spell is random, something like a looping, keeps on multiplying randomly
  4. we cant use epiclesis, frost misty and jack frost in endless tower, is this official?
  5. Where are u sir? pm me pls another bug report sir, while we are in banding status, RG party members drain 15%HP and regenerate it after a few second
  6. shield spell is still bug, i can still make 999k dmg shield boomerang doesn't have a bug now yet its too weak like dealing just 8k-10k dmg
  7. Item Name: Dark Lord Helm Item ID: 30001 Why do I want it?: I want Dark Lord Helm ever since I started playing gatheringro, it's because I like its effect that grants 5% HP which is good for my paladin, and I wish to have it also because its the reason why I started playing gatheringRO.
  8. einbroch quest doesn't give quest points
  9. no, i'm not playing on their test server. i got that screenshot from my friend. i'm excited to have those characters especially the rune knight
  10. Actually, they already have it in sakray kRO, I think its their test server(correct me if i'm wrong). This is a screenshot of a rune knight where in she is riding in an armored green ferus.
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