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  1. I wish I would have saw this quest sooner.. But I did it onn my own, I was like spazing out. going back to the NPC everytime I fed it Nice guild btw.
  2. ugh that makes this quest sooo crazy...its hard... maybe .. for creators it should be a lil less.. than all other classes? ... cause man.. 10k..... XD thats alotta clicking
  3. If i were to do the quest with my wiz.. until the egg hatches and then give it to my creator , would it still work if i gave it to the npc for the baby chick?
  4. I would also like to know if this would work. BTW, If i had done the quest with a creator. Im sure we can all see that taking forever. since the homonculus kills dont count. Also.. This is the way to get the hopping flir for the creator right?
  5. I brought all the items to the npc.. and nothing happened.. he just keeps saying "just letting you know. this is what I need..."
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