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  1. Kaze? Are you still around?

  2. I'm going inactive again. WoE is boring nowadays. I'll log into the forums but that's about it. PM me when you're back please. Still want the prize from the Letter to Santa Event (no GM box please lol). Take care!

  3. Kaze

    Letter To Santa 2018

    THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! The Winners are @Hersheys, @dannyphantomz ,and the random number picker chose @sucrose. But as an added gift Santa decided to send some extra presents for everyone who sent him a letter. Thank you all so much for the letters and congratulations to the winners! edit: All participants have been sent a little gift via mail if i did not see you ingame. Winners I'm waiting to give you your items personally!
  4. Kaze

    Letter To Santa 2018

    Thank you all so much for your letters! The winners shall be announced tomorrow after Santa has finished reading over them all.
  5. Dear Santa, Hi there Santa, Kaze here. It seems to be that time of year again and I was wondering if you would allow 2 players from the GatheringRO players a chance to have one of their wished fulfilled once again! I hope to hear back from you soon Santa! Merry Christmas!! Every player will write a letter to you, mentioning their Ingame-Name, Real-Name (optional), Age and their 1 item-wish and why they desire it so much. They have to be creative! P.S. I will ask if it is possible to extend the deadline a little longer though this year though. If it is a
  6. Kaze


  7. the server is currently closed for maintenance. it was brought up about in the update.
  8. Kaze

    Major Client Update

    All custom hairstyles are currently disabled
  9. that bug actually looks really freaking cool tbh xD kinda wanna know whats causing it myself but first thing is first make sure her kro is updated which you can find on the top of the patcher.
  10. I dont use anything special myself. All i use is white wing set. a high refined crimson bow, and ori arrows . you dont really need super strong gears to do wb~
  11. the item description ingame doesnt state female only and there are already ribbons that are gender neutral.you can try switching your character to female via dr hobo or create a new character. sorry didnt even cross my mind since the description didnt say anything xD.
  12. A little screenie from my first event
  13. Kaze

    Easter Event 2018

    i know of 19 xD i cant find the last 3 and i spent literal hours looking
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