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  1. Those are so cute! I want one now O:
  2. For the desktop buddy, what was the name of the people u downloaded the original from? or what was it called? im having trouble finding one
  3. How did you make the desktop buddy? its sooo cute~
  4. Shafka / Chullos hat! So, what is a Shafka? A hat made from various animal fur. It can function as earmuffs, keeping your ears warm in the cold. Its said to be worn traditionally in cold areas. Increase resistance to the Freeze status by 10%. To make this hat you will need: So you have all the materials? Now it's time to go to the NPC! And you know the best part of this quest? NO ZENY REQUIRED!!! Okay, so you can go to her before or after you gather the materials. it doesn't matter. I prefer to go after but that's just me~ So you get to talk to a beautiful young lady who is in Moscovia! oohhlahlah~ she lives at Moscovia 211,93 Sooo now you have your very own Shafka hat! hmm not too bad for my first guide (:
  5. Well i made my forum name when i was like 11. pretty much explains the retard factor of it. On other forums tho i go by KylieMarie which is my first and middle name put togeather. Oh and theres my email Kyliemb2 which i use for like, everything... Im Kylie, my middle and last names start with M and B and im the 2nd child
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