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  1. what is the reward for this quest?
  2. oh man!!! i was too late to read this topic i've wasted my invitation, i was tryin to explore the castle and i saw a guy lying down (lionel), i clicked him and he got mad at me and then he kicked me out of the castle. i didn't used my invitation to fight those monsters instead i waste it just for exploring the castle, too bad
  3. hi there! i need your help guys! i got stuck on this quest. i cant find the scientist, i went to all those buildings with an IN01, can anyone tell it to me which building i can find him? thanks guys!
  4. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! it so easy cuz it has a picture where you can find the NPC's! absolutely great!
  5. I did this 5 quest but i lost 1 quest i don't know what happened. i followed everything but when i checked the npc in blackmarket it says i got only 4 quest completed.
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