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  1. Haha, I know that you have to do them with each character, I was simply commenting about the trouble that the warping caused me in the first place.
  2. I've finished the quest and can access the dungeon through the sewers, and haven't had the permission problem anymore (I think it's because I finished the quest). Hopefully, it wouldn't cause my other characters problems when I go with them.
  3. Ah, okay... thanks. I click on the guard until he looks the other direction, but if it's different from when he's sleeping, then maybe that's it.
  4. I've tried @jumping, and it looks like that's still not allowed... and when I typed in @warp lighthalzen ____ ____ (to the NPC), it warped me there but kicked me right back out again before the screen could even finish loading. Is there any way to complete this quest right now?
  5. I can't even find data about the Rice Thief on the @mi or ratemyserver/etc., I really want to make a Selendang (it would be cool to see what it looks like in-game though before I keep trying =s) for my gypsy, but I've killed the Rice Thief over a dozen times and it has only dropped Straw Rice Bags o_o I have a few straw rice bags though, since it always seems to drop a few... maybe we can have a way to exchange rice bags for straw rice bags? =x I still haven't seen any rice bags by myself, so I still can't believe they drop it
  6. I've tried for a while now, since I'm looking for a pirate dagger I can use to get a balloon hat... but all I've found are taming objects, some elunium/oridecon boxes, useless potion boxes and a fire converter box. Pirate dagger, where art thou =(
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