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  1. Your Welcome! Glad I can be of some help to someone long after I stopped getting on this server
  2. Yes, I can add and will add it in the next few minutes with the other few guides that I haven't add yet.
  3. Added! As well as some other along with yours. I guess I need to check forums more often to see if there are any new guides.
  4. No problem. : ) Well I updated the guide with a few guides that I found that wasn't on my guide yet. Please feel free to post on here with any guide that I may have missed, haven't gotten to, or about guide that I may have put a title of, but has the wrong link on it.
  5. Yes, I can add and just did. Though just took awhile since i've been so busy with school.
  6. Uhm probably not. I don't think I've seen a guide yet for Rune Knights. Although I just got back from vacation so I haven't looked yet. As far as my guide goes, if it's not there then it either hasn't been made yet or I haven't put it up yet. As for the other stuff you wrote, yes it is in the wrong place but good you have gotten an answer for it.
  7. Thanks. Yea it is, and took so long to get all the guides too.
  8. I can still update, just not as often as people like when the college semester is in session. Well if I'm taking classes during it. Which atm I still am, but plan in updating it in a few since I see a few new guides.
  9. luciene

    Gro's Got Talent

    If it's like singing or depending on the instrument does the person entering necessarily need to be showing themself in the video? Or can they just record themself and then enter it.
  10. ah okay. was thinking it was one of the gms anyways that did.
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