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  1. BVHL for example are low in members? O.o Well, not that players online atm are great in numbers, I was also talking about past instances. Some other guilds before have less members cause of recruiting issues.
  2. This sounds like a sweet addition ^___^ but who gets to record it? :c
  3. Some guilds remain low in numbers it's cause they're too choosy when it comes to recruiting members. Fundamentals for example, welcomes anyone to the guild as long as there's space to squeeze in. We limit the LOYAL members to just have ONE character in guild so we can make space for others who wants to join. Down part of this is you get kicked if you don't woe, cause that's the only time we take note of people being active (that's why we have ranks for these). Number of members can't be taken as bias cause it's actually a Guild Leader's choice. Carefully recruiting your members, what to do with them when something goes wrong, and keeping them in your guild is also an essential part - strategically.
  4. :c ...It's for the GMs to decide... I was hoping for a runner up too (before) but yahh, it's only fair the the top1 get's recognition, since it's determining the "BEST Guild of the Month". Then having to think of it... having second place and third will just make other guilds sloppy and not aim for perfection, you think so? Like Forsaken said, let's brain storm more to make it more interesting ^___^
  5. I don't get it, isn't it that this is what's happening right now? It takes one full month to WoE and GvG altogether. Originally, guilds will have to work hard (WoE-ing) in order to join the battle for GvG, thus determining a winner, which is still the case. I Believe 1st POST will be changed every month : https://gatheringro.com/community/index.php?showtopic=33268 If you rely on WoE point system, then clearly on, we know who the winner is. It's not even about how much you gather to stay on top, it's about staying within the bracket of top 4. So NO, GvG isn't the useless part, it's how some people think staying on #1 matters. Unfortunately, there have been less guilds participating. So it's clear who will be battling this Month's GvG. UNLESS... something/someone/some group of people *coughs cause it's too late for ideas now* decides to spice it up and rush to get points that will make the bottom two strive harder to make it to GvG.
  6. Solutions: +1: Reducing the top guilds from 4 to 3 or 2. ***Gives more determination for all guilds to get more points. -1: Removing the WoE points system altogether, so there's only a 10 vs 10 fight of any guild that wishes to register ***Takes out "TEAM WORK" this means we can just gather strong people, make a guild and sign up. =Neutral: Scrapping the event and coming up with a new one to determine guild of the month. ***Open a new topic, like the one before
  7. OK, so... Just one castle PER MAP counts, and it doesn't matter if you take the rest?
  8. I haven't played WoE till last Saturday, how does the rotation work? D:
  9. Congratulations BVHL for winning the title for this month , and to Fundamentals, F4E and Amalgation for another successful GvG! I saw the vids, awesomeness!
  10. All in one day, right? G'luck to all! ^___^
  11. YIEEEEEEE! It's starting in a matter of hours... ^___^ G'luck to all, and happy WoEing!
  12. Suggestion : a locked, pinned thread in Event Section "Guild of the Month" where any of GM can announce the winning guild and post the videos of the battle, change or update it. This makes it more accessible than trying to browse the thread and look for the vids. and 6. +1
  13. 1. +1 2. Neutral 3. -1 4. -1 5. +1
  14. I LOL'd. It's a 10 VS 10 Match. Being a BIG GUILD won't help you on this event. But anyway, I hope it becomes a regular event just so to keep WoE Interesting ^___^
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