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  1. RobyI you dont have to reply to every post. If you are trying to raise your postcount atleast post on topics that give post count, such as Suggestion and Question.
  2. Now i got to enter and kill the dokebis but the coach that comes up wont talk to me. althrough i think you can relog and talk to the first guy at amatsu 225 235 and get the quest because i got a rusty iron from him when i tried.
  3. probably why there was a huge gap inbetween the invitations just last week or so.
  4. Useful facts indeed =) althrough i have no angeling. =(
  5. I entered with my wiz and got spanked glowingly red.
  6. Mohahah I already have my drawing if that gets choosen =3... On the other hand it's not very gd...
  7. the heck, that would be a slim chance for ppl to get anything, gm cant ask everyone for help and he cant announce it... like the other idea through.
  8. i've read that too, my friend has the first 4 books. i think its overrated.
  9. ragnarok manga is the one with...*spoil* = like the swordman and the acolyte that kills gtb right?...and get the card, and sells if for a small bag of gold D:
  10. uhm the image it selfs is within the limits, does the text count too? EDIT: ah i see i reviewed the sig rules, ill change immediatly.
  11. on the other thread its said 2-3years maybe
  12. i know nothing about that o.o im just suggesting chaos out.
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