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  1. hahaha oh yeah that ones mine, i didn't get anything D:

  2. oh noes i looked it up, it was tinajero ;)

  3. lilian alexaa tijanero :)

  4. which last name? i have a hacked account so :P

  5. jes.. i saw the pic of you ;) didnt recieve? hahah maybe facebook doesnt connect germany and australian ;)

  6. you sure its the right account? XD

  7. i found and wrote u at facebook :D~ thanks lexi

  8. happy birthday klemmy

  9. Wo ich bin? Tja , dreimal darfst du raten :P (Ich komme in VLLT. 6-12 Monaten wieder auf die Seite und gebe dann eine Antwort auf das was du in der Zeit schreiben wirst ^^).

  10. hahaha! its just the way it is. :)

  11. make ur about me page up to date^^

  12. birthdate 1986 and you are 21? that fails..

  13. I would own you!

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