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  1. o_O I Can't edit my post (forgive me for double posting) I listened to my vids/songs.. lol and It's social suicide hehe recorded them early 2am here o_O I'm sorry for all the sounds of vehicles passing by.. T______T If I were you don't use headphones (its too loud) seriously TURN YOUR SPEAKERS DOWN if you want to hear this T___T and its acapella XD - Because of You by Kelly Clarkson - Precious by Yuna Ito Lost Without You by Delta Goodrem Hero by Mariah Carey ---i know there's a LOT of mistakes--- omg social suicide XD
  2. *sobs* I wasn't able to record a good song. *sobs* I'm not home (meaning no PC, no mic, no gRO) and I can't just record in a net cafe coz definitely people would be disturbed XD so in my noob attempt to submit an entry, I used my cousin's digicam and recorded impromptu songs.. Sorry if its late. I dunno if you're still gonna accept my entries but I really really hope you do. I got stuck uploading in youtube and the forum said its on maintenance o_O ........youtube... is...taking... forever... to.. upload...my..vids... D:
  3. Character Names: Shane Lynch and Risa Harada Character Classes: Professor and Creator
  4. Name: Risa # of Choice: 1 In-Game Character: Lady Silhouette
  5. Name: Risa # of Choice: 1 In-Game Character: Lady Silhouette
  6. IF resurrecting our partners is allowed, can we use yggdrasil leaves for this? or must it be exclusive for high priests to use?
  7. The event is on the 13th (Its a Saturday) and its 30 mins after woe 1.0
  8. Okay I got some sample voice recordings I made last year. Its from an anime Don't forget to press the play button lol Mizuiro no Senritsu - sample clip 1 or http://yourlisten.co...t/31804/Mizuiro no Senritsu Nanatsu no Umi no Monogatari - sample clip 2 or http://yourlisten.co...t/31805/Nanatsu no Umi no Monogatari I'll still be recording some "entries" for this event. Q: Do I really have to provide translations?
  9. That's why there's a need for a live performance on skype coz obviously, the organizers thought about the possibilities of people doing lip sync in videos.
  11. Must it be English only? or Can we sing in a different language? I want to join but I want to sing jpop songs >_<
  12. Item Name: RJC Katyusha Flower Item ID: 5547 Why do I want it?: I want it because its simple (not extravagant in a way) and yet its very pretty. I want this head gear because I want my character not only to be pretty, but also to be different than others in a good way.
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