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  1. Yes, you can do that. You'll spam your own jokes instead when using Frost Joke.
  2. 1. +1 2. +1 3. -1 4. -1 5. +1 6. +1
  3. Xerksis

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name: Xerksis # of Choice: 7 IGN: D i s c o r d i a
  4. Xerksis

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name: Xerksis # of Choice: 25 In-Game Character: D i s c o r d i a
  5. Well AFAIK, it's still a 1% chance to get the clovers from Breeze. You just have to keep trying, you'll get 'em eventually...
  6. Umm, I've been trying this quest almost everytime there's a server rest or patch update, but no coupon point yet. Is there any other way to do this quest? I've just been following this guide, maybe I'm missing something?
  7. Yes, the Einbroch Quest doesn't give a coupon point anymore. Rather, try the Dye Making quest. It's pretty easy and a lot helpful later on.
  8. Well AFAIK, only the Arch Bishop and Rune Knight classes along with their skills have been released. As for it coming on our server, all I can say is...Dream On
  9. AFAIK, Only Archbishop and RuneKnight has been released. Generic (Creator 3rd Class) and other 3-2 classes will be a long way off.
  10. I reckon Enchant Blade would be a Self Buff skill, kinda like Two-Handed Quicken or Aura Blade. As for the SP costs for the skills, I think the extra levels (3rd Classes max at 150 on the official servers) cover that part. And, Male sprite is ok...Female sprite is like Male Gunslinger meets Female Rogue. The Dragon Mount is a welcome change. @ADRIAN Yes, its implemented on their test server as they are changing a lot of existing stuff (Skills, Stats, Weapons, etc.) along with the addition of these classes.
  11. Check out these major updates on Sakray kRO: Arch Bishop Rune Knight Ingame Screenie Also, major updates to existing stuff: Clicky
  12. This is by far the most buggiest quest. First I couldn't enter the chatroom, then I managed to get in and kill the dokebis but the Coach wouldn't talk to me; I tried with another character, but again, couldn't enter chatroom, and when I did manage to enter again, there weren't even dokebis spawning !!
  13. Yes. Same problem with me. Both the NPCs keep repeating the same thing even though I got all the requirements.
  14. Look for a wooden barrel among the pots, that should be the right one.
  15. Xerksis

    Assassin Guide

    SBr is based on INT AND the physical attack that comes majorly from STR. And by INT, I mean solely INT and not MATK. Quote from iRO Wiki: In plain text: Soul Destroyer has 2 parts to it's damage which add to each other in the end. One part is based on your INT (read: not MATK), and the other is based on your ATK (minus the left-hand weapon's ATK). Both are actually considered, by the game's coding, to be Ranged Physical attacks.
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