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  1. ^Sorry . Tbh I did this quest so long ago I've already completed forgotten how to do it, lol. But I'll add it in right now! P.S.: Added in warnings and some minor updates. Everything should be spiffy now
  2. I like the Pokemon battle suggestion. Sounds like more fun compared to your average solo/team PvP events.
  3. Voda

    Lottery Of /fsh

    If i'm not wrong these are still free: 4 20 22 I'm not very sure. And yes I counted them 1 by 1 xD
  4. Voda

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name : Voda # of choice : 11 In game name : Chopsticks
  5. Voda

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name : Voda # of choice : 7 In game name : Chopsticks
  6. Voda

    Lottery Of /fsh

    There must be a mistake. I think you missed DreamerZz post. He posted 1 minute before Louie for the number 5 , that's why Louie opted for 4 next.
  7. Voda

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name: Voda # of Choice: 7 In-Game Character: Chopsticks
  8. Yes, it only goes up to +3 of any stat. The card slot will not be lost if the enchantment is successful. If the enchantment fails, you'll lose the armor itself.
  9. Syaf my guess is that someone just killed the guardians for the Badges of Champions and is in the midst of summoning the GM spirits. Check out the Entertainment Room to check if anyone is killing the GM spirits. I don't know if the guardians have a respawn time or not. I think you'd need a GM to answer that. Plus I haven't been in the GM castle in forever. So I don't know what has changed or not .
  10. Did the quest again about a month ago - and if I remembered correctly, you only choose the headgear you want at the end when the eggs in the Bird Nest hatches into a Nest Hat.
  11. Item Name: Blessed Valkyrie Helm Item ID: 30011 Why do I want it?: I love BVH's sprite, and the spiffy stats addition it gives is awesome as well. I've had a VH prior to the wipe and I'm hoping I'd get to own one once again.
  12. ...you can't make slotted Elven Ears either. It hanged at "Here you are, honey~" when I tried to slot the Elven Ears. Initially I thought it was because one of my Elven Ears were unmagnified, and so it did not work. I didn't get my slotted ears and he took my 2x Coupons nonetheless. Second time I tried, it hanged too, despite me having magnified Elven Ears x2. I lost another 2 Coupons. T_T Just a heads up to anyone who is attempting this quest : Do not try to slot Elven Ears.
  13. Boohoo . At least I sold some sprint mails before this guide was published. Cornus are hard to kill! +1 for you Syaf, I'm sure this guide would help many people wondering how to get into the spl_filds/man_filds. In case anyone experiences difficulty killing those Cornus which heals themself back to full health often, I'd recommend you use a High Wizard w/ Water Ball, since water spots are aplenty within the Splendide Fields.
  14. You don't have to add in colour to the links. It's fine as it is. After all, this compilation is just for easy reference to guides, and adding in colour would be tedious and redundant. As it is, it already is more efficient than the Search function if you want to get to a guide quickly.
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