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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Voda


      hello Lex! :-) still as pretty as (insert how many years you've been on gRO. srsly you've been here FOREVER) ago! Idk how to post a new comment on your profile feed x_x

  2. Hello Alexaa! I hope you're doing well! I'll be heading to Aussieland in Nov, going for Stereosonic too. :-P

    1. Alexaa



  3. ^Sorry . Tbh I did this quest so long ago I've already completed forgotten how to do it, lol. But I'll add it in right now! P.S.: Added in warnings and some minor updates. Everything should be spiffy now
  4. Not really, i'm on break at the moment so everything is running okay, i don't wanna go back to uni q_q

  5. Sorry about the sudden absence! I was busy with school... well I still am actually T_T. Glad to see things are going awesssome for you though :)

  6. Hey Phil!!! What's up! :)

    Saw that I had a PM from "Mnemiq" in my email and I thought already "that must be Phil!!"

    Well I'm fine just that I've been really busy with school and stuff the past year or so. You?

  7. Hey Voda, ol' mate.

    It's me Phil

    How are you doing?

  8. eeeeeeeeeeeeee tea! where did you goooo? D:

  9. Hey Chocs, a super-belated *GRATS* on being GM!! (Y) :)

  10. happy bday dicked!

  11. happy birthday tea ♥

  12. I like the Pokemon battle suggestion. Sounds like more fun compared to your average solo/team PvP events.
  13. WHAT was it fun?! :D

    nope, i haven't been online lately haha, i went partying 2 days in a row im so tired T_T

  14. I'm fine :>. Just came back from a rockclimbing trip in KL.

    What about you? Anything interesting happened ingame lately?

  15. :D how are you?
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