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  1. Well, it's a living room that gets cold a lot, so yeah.
  2. My monitors are screwing up, so I can't shade this. Oh weeeeell. IGN Kenzie
  3. Here, have some more unfinished art that I will never get around to finishing. First one is my bishop. Second one is a really, really old OC of mine. I wanted to practice facial expression, facial hair, and really just wanted an excuse to draw him.
  4. Nice to see it still being used after almost 4 years. Also, you're using the Ghz sig that I made!
  5. Haven't posted anything here for over 2 years... In order of oldest to newest My minecraft character Minecraft again ...Minecraft yet again. My new Wacom tablet, with my kitten Harley. Some random doodles Random sketch that I may or may not finish
  6. Please do not post in topics that are two years old and create a topic specifically for your issue. Topic locked.
  7. My resolution is the same. Actually, what is the resolution you use for your monitor, and what is the resolution you use for gRO?
  8. Cutest cat ever. I'm biased.
  9. Since my username changed since last time... "Kenzie" is my real name. Yes, it's legally shortened.
  10. This is not a player report. Please post in the appropriate section.
  11. I present, Colonel James Rhodes. Or just "Rhodey".
  12. You've never been able to transfer money or items from one character to another on the same account. That's why most people have vendors that are on a completely separate account. And as Frus mentioned, you can transfer money through the control panel.
  13. http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=235174 It took only one try and two seconds to find it.
  14. This section is for posting guides, not requesting them.
  15. Try removing your Pimp/Lux/Prism 4
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