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  1. Rayvier

    Zue's Art

    lol that's how we all feel ahahaha
  2. //peeks in
    //leaves warm hugs here
    //vanishes ninja-like

    1. Rayvier


      OMG ZUE! HI!

    2. Nazue


      How are you doing?!
      It is soo long ago since we last talked!
      maybe contact me via Facebook to get in touch again? >Nazue Chan

  3. No, it was definitely in Vote Shop too. We want Flying Galapago! A lot of the headgears that were in vote shop were also quest headgears though and those are the ones I can remember. I don't know about the Mine Hat. The quest is pretty simple and it would help drive the game economy and game time if quests were done as opposed to having everything be exchanged by tickets. I feel like it makes the game redundant if you just had to do PHQ or WB daily for a number of days to get everything you need. Redundancy of daily activity kills a game sadly. I honestly think NPC que
  4. Thank you for your input. I was hoping to create a guide that welcomes anyone who does not know anything about RO. I created the guide in the mindset of a person who got an installer and decided to play the game. The target person would not have any connections with anyone on the server and would need to find a way to earn gold and had to build a character from scratch without getting any help from anyone including starting equipment. I do agree that I need to add more information about the actual gold farming aspect and is a work in progress for Part 4 of this guide. That will be ed
  5. Looking forward to the completion of this guide
  6. WELCOME (OR WELCOME BACK) TO GATHERINGRO! This is your comprehensive Beginner's Guide to An Efficient Gold Farmer on the server! Special thanks to my slave, Sirk, for his "voluntary" assistance to the creation of this guide. If you're new to this server or just recently came back from a long hiatus, then this is the guide for you. The in-game currency for Ragnarok Online is called the Zeny. Money runs this world and therefore, anyone who is starting out or recently came back will want to start gathering currency the best and fastest way possible completely from scra
  7. Hello GatheringRO!!!! Well I don't know how many people I used to play with still remember me BUT I want to try to log back into the server! I have a couple of accounts I used to have and I've only managed to reset one of them lol I was wondering if I could get help to reset the others?
  8. I don't know about your items but it sounds like you have equipment skill bonuses that are interfering with your skill tree. Remove all EQ when resetting skills to avoid any conflicts between class skills and equipment skills.
  9. I want my Rice Cake and Bacsojin and New Year Doll pets back :(

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    2. raphaelluigi


      unloyal pets cannot be hatched right now so lets wait for the GM to fix it, just relog and your pet egg will return

    3. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann

      It's not just unloyal pets. My bapho jr. that I've had since 2008 can't be hatched either.

    4. Rayvier


      :o T_T I miss my pets T_T
  10. So Sirk and I are back :)

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    2. Kenzie Riann
    3. Rayvier


      DUUUUDE! HI ZIE LOL Glad to see you and Everade are still keeping things going :D

    4. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann

      Well, Everade. I'm not a GM anymore, and only come one once in awhile just to chat and hang out. Marc has things under control, tho. ;P

  11. Well maybe I should play again?
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