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  2. REGESTERING: IGN - FORUM NAME Tiar - starkis Micheals - ? Seisyll - ? Ellsie - tommmy Pernicious - Zurui Possible others: Tinn - bubo Tier - jory I'm still super confused about the time. Isn't WoE 1.0 ...today? Saturday? And the play is tomorrow, Sunday, right? The 6th? I'M SO CONFUSED. Though I think it is Sunday server time, yeah? WHAT IS THE SERVER TIME THE EVENT IS GONNA BE HELD? D: Please not super early in the morning in the USA, my whole group lives there LOL and I know a lot of the other participants do too. /OTZ
  3. H-how did I plagarize now? DO TELL. D; IGNs: NoaVanBuren Lukas Tommy foofie Serval
  5. OUUUCH, MAN! I'm hurt! Aw man that last minute entry from Sashii has one badass valk helm. Hell, everyone has badass work! Best of luck to all you rockstars!
  6. More like Yohan didn't post them, LOL. I PMed them to him like a week ago. YOU FALLIN' DOWN ON THE JOB, BRO.
  7. MOTMOTS VIDEO IS CERTAINLY MORE INFORMATIVE THAN MINE LOL. But uh QUESTION! Is just the video section of the contest extended? Or is the art aspect extended as well? Seems to me you have enough art to judge and call a winner but yeah, major lack in videos haha.
  8. Is judging going to be done by the GMs? :U Or is it a popularity contest?
  9. You are so very correct. :'D And this is mostly because my friends and I don't HAVE [or participate in] anything special the server offers so it's kinda hard to make a video about it. I'm not hardxcore. 8( [it's also cuz dancing TKs are classic and I love making them roflrofl. ]
  10. THAT REMINDS ME. For submitting a video, do you want the actual file sent to you or should we upload it to youtube and send the link or what? Does it matter? :U
  11. Thanks for the info! The prize for the other winners [2nd and 3rd, supporting gRO], is that secret? Or do we know what those prizes are? And okay, I'll ask Everade then. XD Thanks.
  12. OMG I want to enter the art contest. BUT I HAS SOME QUESTIONS: 1. You say it has to be "gRO fanart." What exactly makes the art... gRO specific? Do you just want the gRO logo on it somewhere? Or for it just to say "Gathering RO?" I don't really see the difference between RO fanart and gRO fanart I guess. ;_; Or maybe I'm just reading into this too much. 2. What's the maximum for the resolution? I tend to draw at like... 3000x2000, somewhere around there, sometimes bigger. I'm assuming you don't want it quite that big? Or... do you? 3. I'm just curious. Are there going to be multiple winners? Like, winners of different categories for different art mediums? I saw you said to somebody that photoshopped images would probably be seperate or something. JUST WONDERING~ K THANKS! <3
  13. WHAAAT!? D: Noooo... awwww that sucks. Much woe indeed.
  14. OH COOL!! Can we draw them by hand as well!? Rules don't seem to say anything against that! :DD
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