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  1. Renee... i think the Creator Skills is Unfair using the Chick Hat heal like 32k .. anytime creator can heal w/ gtb or w/o and deadly armor .. thats unfair of all ..
  2. Character Name: K i r a k i s h o u Character Level: 250 Character Class: Paladin
  3. Forum Name: Martin Mystery Character Name: Manuel Myster Class: High Priest
  4. This my Comic's Corny But i do my Best for it ! XD
  5. 1st Suggestion Title: Apocalypse Event Needed: - 1 level 80 GM and a helper (probably a trial GM or something of a lower level) - A map with turned off skills and @commands, i suggest quiz_02 249 378 Explanation: Everyone will make a 1/1 novice with no equips or pots (any kind of pots). GM will have to prepare 5 basilicas (the GM command for it, not the skill) on both sides (5 on right and 5 on left). First, to prevent cheating, doom the map then resu all (so that no one have buffs or anything). All novices should go the right or left side (doesn't really matter). To start, the GM will say "GO!" then the novices should go to the opposite side, inside the basilicas and make it through the meteor storms casted by the GM in the center or closer to the opposite side (depends on the GM). No kiel should be used (for the GM). If you can't understand something about it, just ask me. 2nd Suggestion Juggarnaut Event. You have a juggarnaut npc. People who talk to the juggarnaut npc, get warped to a waiting room. In that waiting room, there is a 'Juggarnaut Signup Npc'. If you want to become the juggarnaut, you sign up to be the juggarnaut by talking to this npc. Only the first 10-15 people can sign up and the juggarnaut is chosen at random. Once 10-15 people are signed up, the juggarnaut will be warped to a special room, where he can buff himself and whatnot but he/she only has 1-2 minutes for that. Once the juggarnaut is ready, all the people in the waiting room are sent to a small room (recommended small room such as old guild pvp room). The whole objectective of the game is to kill the juggarnaut. When someone be comes the juggarnaut, and is killed, the person who killed the juggarnaunt becomes the new juggarnaut. The last person crowned as juggarnaut is winner. hahah this event was awesome on this server 3rd Suggestion The 100% Cool Event King of The Hill Event ... Well i`m the 1 GM Host This RO @ my Old Server got Wipe =) And My Friend make this Video .. Really Cool Check This Out """ ""'
  6. Character Name (Exact): Brenackies Character Level: 250 Character Class: Stalker
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