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  1. Huh. Cold/PieStalker HWiz/Stalker I'm a bit rusty, but let's cross some fingers and get some nervous jitters down shall we?
  2. Item Name: DLH Item ID: 30001 Reason?: Long story short: I want it. Long story: It would be very helpful for my build since I could use the xtra stats and hp. And since the RNG Gods practically piss on me every chance they get, I thought I'd never get one. I've been trying to get one until I had to take a hiatus from playing due to school, but since I am starting back up, I figured this would be a good opportunity to get one.
  3. kukuku nice guide pat
  4. oh okay lol fixed it just for you Hazyd. XD. anyhoo added a bit more I'll add spice later
  5. Updated a bit more ^^ Small tips and tricks section added. hahaha I'm revealing alot of my hidden cards I was saving just to make this guide interesting I:3 be grateful XD
  6. ahahahaha in-depth sounds better doesnt it? >.< eh well, by in-depth i meant like an in-depth analysis but i see what you mean >.< I'll be editing this thing like crazy
  7. eh sry >.> this is my first guide after all.. I'll spice it up when i have time >.< yeah i also realized what a pain it is to read. thx for the advice/feedback too. EDIT: modified it a bit Ugh...
  8. WTH YOHAN??? Dont tell me you cant log on then log on :I it makes me irritated >.<
  9. Thx I've been working on this for a while, it's also on Prod forums.
  10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The In-Depth High Wizard ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a Guide for any aspiring high wizards Now when you start your mage that you are actually gonna use frequently for PvP and stuff and not for farming, you should know the basics. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Stats ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STR All you need this for is carrying stuff. Unless you're an attack mage. Then, I suggest you find yourself a battle mage guide. :/ AGI The third most important stat in a high wizard's arsenal imo. (There's not really a important-est(w/e) stat.) This is for reducing casting delay. Lower casting delay equals things like a faster jupitel thunder spam or a faster pre-cast which can make all the difference in a battle. VIT Not that necessary since wizards and the like have low health anyways. I would suggest going low vit to avoid that thanatos card, ice pick, assassin damascus, or the extremely annoying AD. DEX Probably the second most important stat, (depends on your opinion) 150 dex allows your wizard or any class to autocast or have a faster casting time. INT The stereotypical stat for magic users! It adds magic attk and magic defense. Okay moving on. LUK Not too important. Good to have some for some flee. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Skills ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are a list of skills for the High Wizard. What they do and my opinion on them. ------------------------------------------------------ Increase SP Recovery - Increases your SP regen. IMO: It's useful if you get soul burned or lose your SP since it. I got minimal skill points in it. Sight - Uncovers hidden enemies! IMO: ehhhhhh I'd get it. Cold Bolt - Your primary single-target water element spell. IMO: Get it, don't, I dun care. I got it, but that's me. Fire Bolt - Your primary single-target fire element spell. IMO: See above... :/ Frost Diver - Freezes the opponent. IMO: I wouldn't really get this except for getting Storm Gust. You can always use Storm Gust to freeze. BUT that's just me. Lightning Bolt - Lightning single-target spell. IMO: I got minimum... WELL, you are getting Jupitel Thunder later... Napalm Beat - Ghost single-target, AoE spell. Curses the opponent. Only one hit too. IMO: it's a weaker version of Napalm Vulcan. Safety Wall - Its like a half-assed shield from sacrifice. IMO: I got it since its a great guard against Sac. Dead useless against sinxs tho'. Kyrie's better but we ain't priests here. Soul Strike - Good spam skill and does more damage to undead. IMO: I don't really use it though 'cuz really not that good unless you're leveling. Stone Curse - Petrifies your opponent. Requires red gemstone. IMO: It's a fun party trick. Also it increases fire damage. I'd recommend getting it. Fire Ball - Exactly what the name says. IMO: I got only for fire wall. :I. Fire Wall - Knocks opponents back while doing damage. IMO: eh. Good combo with ice wall. Thunder Storm - AoE wind spell. IMO: LoV is better. Energy Coat - Causes your SP to take some damage instead of your HP. (Platinum Skill) IMO: Use it don't use it. I use it, but be warned: When you have this on, it's like getting hit by a dark priest card with every hit. Fire Pillar - A trap for Wizards... O_O IMO: No, just don't. Sight Rasher - Knocks people back. Needs an active sight. IMO: Only useful for getting rid of Ice Wall. Sight Blaster is better. Meteor Storm - Your AoE fire spell. It stuns, does great damage, and it shakes the screen for great lols. IMO: Yeah... You know the drill. Jupitel Thunder - Your primary single-target wind spell. IMO: GET IT. It's like the primary skill for wizards. Lord of Vermillion - Your AoE wind spell. It blinds and stun locks like a bitch. IMO: wheee~~~~ LoV fixes all your problems~~~~ COPYRIGHT KEY XD Water Ball - Fun skill. Good damage, insane spam. IMO: I didn't get it I don't use it frequently and I don't really spend a lot of time with a Prof or water. Ice Wall - A wall of ice. Gee, really? IMO: Get it but you don't really need max. Frost Nova - Use it to freeze all your opponents around you. Kinda like an icy sight blaster that you have to activate yourself. IMO: Good I guess. Not that good though. Storm Gust - The AoE water spell. IMO: Great skill. Freezes and does pwnage damage. Earth Spike - Basically an earth bolt. IMO: I didn't max it but it depends on your opinion. Heaven's Drive - Earth AoE. Uncloaks hide users. IMO: Useful shit right here. Quagmire - Lowers DEX and AGI of people standing in area of effect by 50% at max. IMO: Basically, kills autocast for people who don't know how to counter it. Monster Property - Hey this identifies a monster! IMO: piece of SHIT! Sight Blaster - Knocks anyone near you back. (Platinum Skill) IMO: WOW GREAT SKILL. The skill is worth doing the quest. Note: Doesn't work well on pallies using a pike. So yeah. Note2: Remember to recast it after it hits someone. Soul Drain - Drains SP after you kill something. Also increases your max SP. IMO: I maxed this baby. Increases your SP which is nice. Also, it tells you when you kill someone. :3 Magic Crasher - Does a long range physical attack that is based on your MATTK not your ATTK. However it is blocked by DEF and not MDEF. Effects carry over. IMO: Your only way to combat Golden Thief Bug users. (besides whacking them) Insanely difficult to do decent damage. Here's a tip: Thana/Ice Pick and don't get strip wep/armor. It won't happen if you're using MCrasher. The chance is too low. Also get elemental converters. Amplify Magic Power - Makes your next spell insanely powerful. IMO: Max it. I know it's only the next spell, BUT you have so much opportunities to cast it that... yeah. Napalm Vulcan - Basically a souped up Napalm Beat. IMO: You don't need it but you can get if you want. I did. It's really fun to use. Ganbantein - Cancels land-bound spells around a 3x3 area. Requires blue and yellow gemstones. IMO: If you want it then get it! It cancels traps faster than Remove Trap and those pesky Land Protectors. (It doesn't cancel the entire LP btw) Gravitation Field: Lowers attk speed of whoever's standing on it while dishing out a constant 1,200 damage at max level. You can't move when using it though. requires a blue gemstone. IMO: Get it if you want. Its the only skill in your arsenal that can damage Emp as well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Useful Gear and Cards ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Headgears Useful Gear: TOP Skeggiold Hat, Maya Helm(MDEF), Blessed Valkyrie Helm, and Dark Lord Helm (if you can get). MID Nebula Aura (If you can get it. Lord knows I can't), Slotted Sunglasses or Glasses. LOWER Gentleman's Pipe, Pipe or anything else. Useful Cards: Margaretha Sorin(ANTIMAGE), Isilla, Marduk, Maya Purple(Sees cloaked), Orc Hero, Kiel, High Wizard, Gibbet(MDEF), Evil Snake Lord, etc. Armors Useful Gear: Formal Suit, Glittering Jacket, V Armor, Silk Robe(MDEF) Useful Cards: Marc, Argiope, GR, Detale, Angeling, Dokebi, Tao Gunka, Goat(MDEF), Frus(Ref./MDEF) Weapons Useful Gear: +10Rod[4], +10Lich's Bone Wand[2], Staff of Destruction, +10Staff of Piercing, Warlock's Battle Wand, Ice Pick(MCrasher), Dagger of Counter(ATTK) Useful Cards: Red Ferus, Laurel Weinder, Hill Wind, Pitman, (Lord of Death, Turtle General, Thanatos, Phreeoni, Savage Babe, Hydra, etc.(MCrasher Set) Shields Useful Gear: Orlean's Server, V Shield(MDEF), Magic Bible Vol. 1, Strong Shield(ANTI KNOCK BACK) Useful Cards: Thara Frog, Seeker(MDEF), Maya, Flame Skull(shut up Wolf >.>) Garments Useful Gear: Aesprika(hahaha >.>), Wool Scarf(w/ Tidal Shoes), Valkyrie Manteau, Mithril Magic Manteau(MDEF) Useful Cards: Deviling, Raydric, Kapha(MDEF), Noxious, Salamander Footgears Useful Gear: Variant Shoes, Tidal Shoes(w/Wool Scarf), V Shoes, High Quality Sandals(MDEF) Useful Cards: Fallen Bishop Hibram, Zombie Slaughter(not so much >.>), Green Ferus, Gen. Egnigem(not so much), Megalith(MDEF) Accessories Useful Gear: Orlean's Gloves, Expert Ring, Clips, Rosaries, etc. ([1]) Useful Cards: Errende, Poporing, Smokie, and a lot others ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tips And Tricks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I honestly don't quite know what to put here but I'll do what I can . BASIC(BASIC MEANS BASIC!) TIPS The BM - First off, the mastery of battle mode is one of the most helpful things for a magic class user due to their extremely high number of skills. But if you're pro like Hazyd guess you don't need it eh? XD. BM(activated through /bm), allows one to fully utilize all three hot-key tab thingies(shut up) by enabling the entire keyboard to become the F1 through F9. Tab 1 is F1 through F9 and Z through (.), Tab 2 is Q through O, and Tab 3 is A through L. Amplify Magic Damage - When fighting, cast Amplify Magic Damage every chance you get. Whether the person is frozen, stoned, or something else like they are far away from you. Having your next hit be stronger than usual is a good thing. Ice and Fire Locker - The Ice Wall and Fire Wall combo is very useful when you don't want your Jupitel Thunder spam to keep knocking away your opponents. First, incapacitate your opponent, whether it be freezing or stoning(lot's of ways to do this, freeze through Storm Gust and stone through maybe a Flame Skull Card.), then cast an ice wall right behind them to prevent knock back(I cast more than one since I usually mis-click and kill my own ice wall.) and a fire wall in front to keep them from moving forward and escaping. Panaceas Are Your Friends - They are. Don't waste time on a Marduk when you can just use panaceas to cancel that shit right off. ADVANCED TIPS Ice Wall Distraction - I wouldn't really call this advanced but it's fun and creative(I think). Basically, when you're in a tight spot and you're getting raped by long range single target skills, quickly spam a bunch of Ice Walls all over yourself. This would disrupt any single-target skills and buy sometime as well as serving as a very nice defensive shield for you to attack from. Ice Walls can also only be gotten rid of by Sight Rasher or Magnum Break or just plain attacking it so your enemy will have a hard time getting rid of it and will have to get close opening many more possibilities. Ganbantein and Land Protector - When you cancel a section of Land Protector, it is best not to cast Storm Gust afterwards. Why? Because it will knock 'em onto another section of the LP. In fact don't get excited by the fact he/she's using LP and its a chance to whip out Ganbantein. Just JT 'em offa the thing or just JT 'em to death. The only situation you should really use Ganbantein on a LP is if they are using equipment with high reflect in the first place. VS. ? Other High Wizards: RECOMMENDED EQUIPS AND CARDS: Obviously, GTB, Maya, Detale and those other stuff. RSX or Strong Shield is also helpful. MDEF SET(Maya Helm(Gibbet) Neb. Aura, High Qual. Sandals(Megalith) etc.) Okay, while some might, I don't wear any cards on my armor except Marc and when I get it(hopefully), Detale. Why? Because getting frozen is one of the worst things that can happen to you when fighting other High Wizards. It's a perfect set up for them to lock you in a Ice and Fire Wall and cast Quagmire if you don't have the precautions against them. (I'm not saying what the precaution is since I need it against you guys XD)You'll be helpless against them. Another tip is to use hide when caught in a SG, LoV, or Met. Storm, BUT Heaven's drive will kill you if you do that, so you want to maybe use a Dokebi card when you go into Hide and switch off like that using your hotkeys. LP is definitely a better solution though but you need a Detale card for that. If you don't like getting knocked back all the time, you can also use a Strong Shield or an RSX card since both negate knock back whether it's by SG or JT. MORE COMING SOON like vs-ing other classes and other tips. Got boring editing. :I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well theres my guide! ah yes some feedback would be welcomed... UNDER CONSTRUCTION: tips and tricks, images... lotsa work ughgghghhg
  11. Huh how bout like a scavenger hunt? GM gives a clue of an item, we all look for it, mail it to the GM. If we get it right, you mail back the person or i dunno whisp him/her the next clue and so on so forth till someone gets the last item. I guess the problem to this event would be that its too tedious and the mailbox could get full.
  12. Mine was a lower headgear....
  13. Holy shit mine got ass raped gratz guys. heh its funny cuz all of the winner's names rhyme. sort of. XD
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