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  1. how about ,... a nice fashion show ? Requirments : some sense for style! duration: depends completly on the how many that will participate, could be 20mins, but could also be 3hours. explanation of event: The GM yell out a team such as,.. lets say winter? and all players r suppose to find a so fashionable style they can that match the team which in this case is winter as much as possible, whoever the GM likes the most, or if its alot of ppl participating u can do a second round or even a third untill theres only 4ppl left , of course this event needs more then 1 GM that have some diff opinions about fashion, or if u take help form a player to judge, becouse only having 1 judge cud make the event unfair Reward: any event headgear and I kno this has been done before but always worth suggesting it! now over to second suggestion. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Theater event. Requirment : TEAM WORK durantion: depends on amount of teams. Event explanation: a GM make a thread in the forum where everyone can form teams of 5ppl in each doesnt matter class or lvl. and these 5 ppl are suppose to make a ''theater'' or a dance together where they time theirs skills, talk, use emotion icons to show which mood the theater/dance is in and this of course must have a time limit of 5-10mins otherwise it wont work out, mite take a day to just finish the event! and same as the other event I suggested there have to be more then 1 judge. just the in this event anyone who IS NOT!! participating can vote, everyone that liked the show goes to 1 side, and those who did not goes to another, the GM count the amount of players which likes it and then just start next show, and vote the same way. reward : this one is up to the GMs , whichever u think this event mite be worth.
  2. 'protect the novice' its pretty simple 1 GM make a complete normal novice chars which everyone is suppose to protect thro a specific amount of time for example u walk from payon to morroc, and during that time another GM will be summoning monsters and MVP'S that the players r suppose to protect the novice from, every time the novice dies, a played have to offer him/herself for the novice to come back to life n there for the offered player is out of the game, whoever is still left in the end wins, of course since there can be many winner the prize cant be that big, or if u make a in the end to only get 1 winner, I dunno but it sound like fun, right?! cute little novices r always fun to follow :3!!
  3. Talk to Nemma at ra_temple 117 174.
  4. talk to nemma just outside the temple
  5. need 2927 more donations ,.. which is 146,350,000 zeny,.. any rich person feel like helpin out? ^.^
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