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  1. Well accoridng to my korean friend and her family, her mother has looked into ro2 a while ago, and translated some stuff. RO2 wasn't doing very hot back then. And also iRO wiki ended up pushing ro2's forums as a subforum of kRO's update section instead of a main because lack of incoming updates about RO2. But it seems this site, actually provides some updates past what last major update was posted by those watching the status of RO2: http://www.mmosite.com/ro2/content/2008-03...222221707.shtml 03/26/08 - Major Update -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: This is an RO2 post, don't get mixed up. New points: -New Dungeon -New Monsters -Many New Quests -New Game Interface -Armor Enchanting -Monster AI renewal + monster skills -Movement Speed Potions
  2. Yeh its going to be a while before anyone sees anything, I dont think 3-2 information will be out until the end of this year. And kRO probably wont see offical stuff until 2009. Because just like Trans sprites, you had the original set (which can still be found out on the internets), and then the final set that everyone knows the sprites as. So Im not really holding my breath to say those are the offical final sprites. Though there are images running about of the LK's Dragon mount (which I posted in another thread somewhere.) That was shown at a asian gaming event by Gravity , alongside with more new headgears. and always use Doddlers Wiki, hes probably the best source unles Lune has translations, on respective forums. But normally Doddler will also add that to his site with credit http://ro.doddlercon.com/wiki/index.php?title=3rd_Classes
  3. Well maybe they will see this and put it back in. Because that will be thousands of obb's to go through just to hope to get 5 tickets of each of those and thats pretty bad. :< I sure dont want to spend all my time in AM's just to get obbs for this x.x halp
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