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  1. fran my formular of gate of hell should be % of your atk thats why atk makes it stronger
  2. wew only the north atlantic ocean is btw us then
  3. nope it depends how many you create
  4. Lol oi read one post before you they re correct
  5. Tiger Cannon is capped at 1,5m hp Gate of Hell 50*Skill Level+(1*Max Hp [all 5% one more time] / 16000) Tiger Cannon 2000+((remaing hpx(10+2xskill lvl)/960)) [ But i think that it changed with last patch ] Yours Noil
  6. Dunno better give them the ratemyserver.net link to read the skills or ask them how old they're xD
  7. Uhm arnt this skills self explainory?
  8. Noil

    Warlock Guide

    Eye of Dullahan doesnt protect of gx poisons and hwiz and grb do stack
  9. Noil

    Warlock Guide

    Eye of Dullahan ? do you think it protects you from gx poisons?
  10. Kevs add Ceromail Soap Plox 10 Empty Test Tube 5 Spicy Sauce 5 Concentrated Potion 6 Awa = 1 Ceromail Soap ( how many created depends so if you create 4 it will consume 40 Empty Test Tube 20 Spicy Sauce 20 Concentrated Potion 24 Awa = 4 Ceromail Soap )
  11. Just farm some Sesame Pastry and use additional +10 food they do stack
  12. all skills with a range higher than +1 means asura etc are ignoring racial but this bug is alrdy known
  13. I know osmaru but it doesnt work there are 2 short and 1 is 1 cell just try it
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