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  1. Lexa <3 *pokes her eye* >.> Here is me Nyahhaaah This one its at the wedding of my brother AHAHAHA >.< O.O meh
  2. @Cranium dont u think that avatar of urs its too offensive for some ppl? thx for the guide it was useful but remember u didnt put that if u attack a pet u will trow out of the gm castle >_> that happen to me >.< So plz put that cuz ppl may do that...
  3. Rime

    PVP Event

    Character Name: Barumung Character Level: 250 Character Class: Assasin Cross
  4. Rime

    Pilule Quest

    Woa this is a good quest guide nice work men
  5. Thx thats a good quality quest
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