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  1. TC consumes HP again. Bug or intended?
  2. Tested it for over an hour and it seems that the "awaken" doesn't activate. And the description says [+ Executioner's Set]. Maybe the script is also wrong? Hoping for a fix
  3. The Heal got reduced but the Highness Heal reaches almost 400k O.O its bugged I think.
  4. OMG the improved EMP WAND!!! Thanks for the updates GM! Merrry Christmas!
  5. Hoping the movespeed bonus from the Emp Wand will not be removed cuz thats the only reason im using it
  6. same as gtb i think as said on its script and also tested it on bg where i hit/miss a ranger with my WL on grb.
  7. Hoping for the server to be up before WoE time
  8. Are the guardian stones supposed to be healable? Or maybe its bugged? Please fix if it is. Thanks.
  9. The card reduces the final variable cast time after the reductions from dex have been applied. No benefit in using this card if you are aiming for 0 variable cast time.
  10. I play WL and tested the skills (SE SG ES ChainLighning) and the damage are lower than before like about 20% and comet now only deals like 4k per hit w/ full damage eqs and tested on a dual w/o eq.
  11. Magic damage nerfed. Thanks for the updates though.
  12. Thanks for the updates, 80+ frags per woe playing WL. Btw I would like to follow up about the fixed cast-time reductions because they don't seem to stack anymore.
  13. GRB hits like only 50% of the time or maybe I'm just imagining it.
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