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  1. @mario same thing here. i gave all guitar . now i will go with ulle cap feather and dye lets see
  2. make it damn hard but with a guide ^^
  3. what is Legend of Songkran?? i got tht any use???
  4. today is last day of posting comic rite? or last day was yesterday?
  5. i got Legend of Songkran from Digging ... What is use of that?.. its and etc item
  6. this quest give coupon points?
  7. 1 question all above quest will be implemented togetheror 1 by 1 ?argath will u post guide for above quest after its implemented?
  8. nice guide... i did more then 80 times and 0 stuff ... not even 1 box
  9. i did 50 times i got nothing ... not even 1 box 70% Land mines
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