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    Renewal Update

    fixed with a reinstall(i did something wrong with the patches )
  2. bx_cara

    Renewal Update

    i forgot i posted here. see maybe its just my client. when i see all these new skills i dont get a this unlock this. I wouldnt be posting if i did. Even something simple as you need riding 1 to get this or that. its not showing up on my end. im ending up putting points in stuff i dont and wont ever use. like my creator, the new skills i will only use 2 out of all of them yet they are at the end of the skill tree and im ending up having to put every point in the others before it unlocks. I know it seems like im crazy lol but im telling the truth that is just not showing up for me. So before you respond like that yeah it is kinda like im putting stuff blindly in on my end. as for the other thing beastboy yeah you got it correct. i guess ill just get rid of the game then redownload it fresh again. maybe that will fix stuff on my end. even my screen going white some times. @beast im not a he i am a she.
  3. bx_cara

    Renewal Update

    I think the woe issue is due to a few things 1. people are having a lot of trouble leveling their chars to what ever they want to play 2. people are having issues getting their job levels up 3. big guilds are prob always gonna keep every castle, no way around that until we put out an add on the top 50 or top 100 that we have the next gen of chars etc to get more people in. 4, big guilds push out lil guilds, so i dont know about u but i would rather not fight if im outnumbered by about 20+, let them have the castles. some got lucky where u dont need all 120 only about 80 to even max all the new skills while others need to get alot more, not even knowing if u get this skill it will unlock this for example, we are blindly adding skill points not knowing whats gonna unlock next.
  4. 1+1 2-1 3-1 4+1 why? to make fights based off class/player skill. yeah lets all fight 10 people with max health that will sure show whos better. NOT.
  5. @sap i understand what you mean. Giving a diff prize to the top 4 of the first part of the event and also another small prize to the last 4 would for sure boost the amount of people in woe. Every one knows when something is up worth it people aim to fight harder for it. So maybe as a next time we can just keep the event going with a prize for each spot. 1-4 gets something and 5-9 gets something diff. Could add some rules to it like if u hold it for such and such time with out breaking etc. We had an even like this before where said castle would give a map full of mvps for only the guild to kill which was fun even if i didnt kill anything lol. Random things like that bring life. anyway good luck to top 4, gms make sure no sprite hacks are fighting plz.
  6. shouldnt this end on a woe 1.0 not 2.0?
  7. Lol looks like its gonna be a huge fight for 3rd, 4th and 5th just to stay in that top 4. no one is gonna pass the top two for sure but this is great lol. Grats to all
  8. I figure the first two spots in the top 4 will be the same. Its the other two spots that im thinking might change, dont know.
  9. Abril what happens if alot of guilds are tied? Its good to see that even the castles that are worth 2 points only have been taken. Its kinda easy to know what castles are taken. So best to aim for the 3s over the 2s?
  10. Thank you forsaken for at least reading the meaning behind what i was saying because that was my only worry. Hope every one does well, event will sure stop afking alot because if to many afk castle will be gone lol. Constant alert players will make this end very well, nothin like knowing some one is always gonna come to try to take the castle to keep ya on ya feet. Im guildless so ill watch and support every one, may get killed a few times while roaming castles to take a look at the action lol but might be worth it.
  11. Lets all be serious for a second here. Do not get me wrong or make it sound like im bashing the idea because i love the idea. Any one that woes knows for a FACT what 4 guilds will be in the end, there is no need to guess, no need to think about it. So as some one said up there some wherem small guilds will need to drop and join each others if not then they are gonna....lightly speaking get stomped. The 10 vs 10 will obviously be only the 10 people who have the best gear/cards(for if not what point would there be to go in and die) Lol i am not thinking neg nor am i bashing once again but seriously... this is like nothin but a boost to the best when it should be a boost to the worst so the worst can get better enough to compete with the best. Or does no one see it like that? What do you get out of boosting the best players and best guilds on the server? More one side fights which pushes people away. Any way nice idea, i just hope it doesnt make things past a point of being able to fix. I know one event wont do that but its still gonna hurt more then help. I wouldnt be myself if i didnt see both sides and give my 2 cents.
  12. Well knowing that i was in the event also but decided not to fight was for a reason. Trick dead, Chase Walk, Cloak, body relocation Heal= unfair because not all chars have those skills so why not make it even? Example. you are sin x. i am pally. You kill me with linked buffed sonic excell buff. What can i do in return knowing u cloak? Can i catch u? no. is it a 100% that i have a maya p? No and even if i did can i catch u with your back slide? Doesnt matter if people argue but the only ones that cry about it are the ones that do it themselves. I am fine having to deal with it so this just is an example. If you gonna ban a card and a hat because it leads to one sided things then why not the rest? Even thinking about the moves i said and even seeing them allows me to think of super abuse of them to get times. If i dont wanna die im sure not gonna lol. So i rather u be fair. Just my honest opinon. i have stayed in pvp for over 2 hours with more then 5 people trying to kill me. Trust it works.
  13. Lol this event was fun. I was in it for a very long time but i wasnt fighting. I only wanted to see the action. Even if i had decided to fight i would lose to to a huge time zone diff. While im sleep some one can clearly get 6+ hours on me. Either way the event was very fun. Best team wins.
  14. do not click it . it will mess your pc up its a malware/trojan
  15. ok i would like to join. my char is called PermaNov
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