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  1. Everade's post in Changed clothing color, game crashed and can't login was marked as the answer   
    Hey @Yessenhart
    You can temporarily fix it by resetting the character's look.

    Log into the Control Panel on our website.
    Navigate to the account overview:
    Select the character that's causing the error.
    Then on the top left, there's a button to reset your character's looks.

    It will remove all the gear and reset the clothing/hair colors.

    However for us to investigate the actual crash further, we would require the following information:
    Character gender Character job Which clothing color is causing the crash.  
  2. Everade's post in Please increase the drop rate of Yggdrasil Berry was marked as the answer   
  3. Everade's post in Pls increase the drop rate of White Mask was marked as the answer   
    Will be adjusted accordingly.
  4. Everade's post in Decrease monster kill on Quest C Daily Adventure Quest at althea field maps was marked as the answer   
    Guiana have a specific spawn spot, so they can be found within a pretty small area and they respawn within just a few seconds.
    As such it shouldn't take too much time to kill a high amount of them.
    Please also note that the system doesn't support a reduced amount of request based on a specific monster.
  5. Everade's post in Daily Quest's C Quest was marked as the answer   
    I fixed it for you. And i will release a final fix within the next 5 minutes for everyone.
  6. Everade's post in Buff up Sorcerer's over all attack damage was marked as the answer   
    The purpose of the Major Update was, to get rid of these kinds of re-balancings and customizations alltogether.
    As such, we have no plans on "balancing" certain classes or official items ourselfs but apply official balancing patches instead.
    To reach a Sorcerer's full potential, you might need to consider to create builds that target certain skills by using their full potential. For example with additional Costume Enchants.
    For a detailed reasoning behind our decision, please read our Major Update announcement.
  7. Everade's post in Patch Failed : Failed to get 2021-08-10_garment_hotfix.gpf file was marked as the answer   
    Hey @ezt
    If the download process keeps failing, you could try a manual workaround as described below.
    The main issue however could be an unstable connection between the patch server and your location.
    Or that a security software installed on your PC is interfering with the download process of the patcher.
    Please try the following:
    Go to our patch library https://gatheringro.com/patch/patches/ Locate the file name that is failing for you ( 2021-08-10_garment_hotfix.gpf) in your case Download the file manualy Copy the file inside of the base folder of GatheringRO (same folder where the Patcher.exe is located) Now start the patcher. The patcher should automatically start unpacking the file. Let me know if it worked for you.
  8. Everade's post in Not Eligible in PHQ - The Last Room was marked as the answer   
    The bug has been fixed.
  9. Everade's post in Add Option to restore Platinum Skills in Skill/Stat Reset NPC. was marked as the answer   
    @D e M o [email protected]
    The Skill Resetter will now additionaly restore your Platinum Skills as soon as you talk to him.
    So give him a quick visit and you're good to go without spending any zeny.
  10. Everade's post in Increase Taming items drop rate was marked as the answer   
    Todays patch brings a fully re-designed Adventure Guild as described in the recent dev note on Discord.
  11. Everade's post in Revert old item drop rates TVM! was marked as the answer   
    Welcome back.
    You might be interested into our little information topic for returnees:

    For the drop rate:
    There are currently no plans on reverting them.
  12. Everade's post in MasterSmith Cart Boost was marked as the answer   
    There weren't any recent changes to the skill itself that i'm aware of.
    I'm just aware about some item bonus bugs we're currently fighting with, but should be adressed on the next update.
  13. Everade's post in Daily Quest Rebalancing was marked as the answer   
    I've just released a small "Dev Notes" info in our Discord announcements.
    It should address most issues mentioned in this topic.

    While i've also been playing with several ideas for the MVP difficulty, i haven't come up with anything that felt like a feasable replacement.
    Feel free to share further ideas on that particular topic.
  14. Everade's post in Not able to reset Password was marked as the answer   
    Hey there @Nazue
    We've made major optimization updates to our website to improve loading performance.
    Part of these optimizations was, that reCaptcha only gets loaded once you click into the username and/or password fields.
    So make sure you see the reCaptcha logo at the bottom right of the website, after clicking into one of the data fields.
    It means that reCaptcha has been properly initialized. (we use the invisible reCaptcha so in most cases you don't have to make anything other than to simply login)

    as shown here:

    It's possible that it wasn't loaded properly when your browser filled all the fields by itself.
    Other than that it should work just fine.
    Let me know if you're still seeking assistance or if it worked for you.
  15. Everade's post in please fix that error was marked as the answer   
    Hey there @harshishu
    Unfortunately i can't see what's the exact cause of the crash.
    Could you give us some more details on when and how exactly you ran into it?
    Please also take a look at our troubleshooting guide.
  16. Everade's post in Not Eligible in PHQ - The Last Room was marked as the answer   
    I've tested it multiple times over the course of several weeks by now, and was never able to reproduce it.
    Recording the footage might help, so we can see all the details around your equipment and skills.
  17. Everade's post in Spooky Machine Buckler was marked as the answer   
    Fixed, thank you for the report.
    You can try it again tomorrow, i will extend the event by a few days ;)
  18. Everade's post in Change Wooden Heart difficulty on A Class Daily Quest was marked as the answer   
    These will be adressed in the next Adventure Guild Update.
    Thank you for the feedback.
  19. Everade's post in Wanderer pet cannot evolve ? was marked as the answer   
    The Wanderer Evolution is not yet implemented.
  20. Everade's post in Palace Guard Cap was marked as the answer   
    - Id: 18878 AegisName: Palace_Guard_Cap Name: Palace Guard Cap Type: Armor Buy: 10 Weight: 1000 Defense: 15 Slots: 1 Locations: Head_Top: true EquipLevelMin: 50 Refineable: true View: 991 Script: | [email protected] = max(5,getrefine()); bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Neutral,[email protected]; bonus bLongAtkDef,[email protected]; bonus bUnbreakableHelm; Looks fine to me.
    Which effect do you believe isn't working properly?
  21. Everade's post in Party exp was marked as the answer   
    I was able to access the settings just fine.
    I've also changed it for you.

    I'm really wondering what's the culprit here.
    What you could try is: change the game's video resolution to a smaller one ( i recommend using the ingame resolution settings ), which should also reset the window locations.
    Other than that, a re-installation of the game will help for sure.
    You could re-install the game, then jump into the game right away before fiddling around with any settings, just to check if it works that way.
    Really hope we can solve this for you, eventualy. :)
  22. Everade's post in Compiled Class Feedback was marked as the answer   
    We've adressed the TTK in PvP environment further with our latest patch:
  23. Everade's post in WoE/PvP Damage Reduction Mechanics was marked as the answer   
    Our latest patch increases TTK further.
  24. Everade's post in Damage to normal MvP Boss was marked as the answer   
    This was part of the major update.
    However i just realised that this has slipped through as i didn't mention it in the news, only on the world bosses.
    As of why:
    This was part of an official update by kro, which officialy stated "MVP Boss and Reward Enhancement".
    I assume this was due to the overall weakness of older Bosses that were no longer deemed worthy being called a MVP Boss and they wanted to bring back their original purpose.
    All Boss monsters with a green aura take only 10% of all incoming damage.
    Full list of currently affected monsters:
    1038 Osiris
    1039 Baphomet
    1046 Doppelganger
    1059 Mistress
    1086 Golden Thief Bug
    1087 Orc Hero
    1112 Drake
    1115 Eddga
    1147 Maya
    1150 Moonlight Flower
    1157 Pharaoh
    1159 Phreeoni
    1190 Orc Lord
    1251 Stormy Knight
    1252 Garm
    1272 Dark Lord
    1312 Turtle General
    1373 Lord of Death
    1389 Dracula
    1418 Evil Snake Lord
    1492 Incantation Samurai
    1511 Amon Ra
    1583 Tao Gunka
    1623 RSX-0806
    1630 Bacsojin
    1685 Vesper
    1688 Lady Tanee
    1708 Thanatos
    1719 Detale
    1734 Kiel D-01
    1751 Valkyrie Randgris
    1768 Gloom Under Night
    1779 Ktullanux
    1785 Atroce
    1832 Ifrit
    1871 Fallen Bishop
    1874 Beelzebub
    1885 Gopinich
    1971 Wounded Morocc
    2052 Dark Lord
    2068 Boitata
    2087 Queen Scaraba
    2107 Fallen Bishop
    2156 Leak
    2165 Gold Queen Scaraba
    2202 Kraken
    2235 Paladin Randel
    2249 Pyuriel
    2251 Gioia
    2253 Daehyon
    2255 Kades
    2362 Nightmare Amon Ra
    2378 Antler Scaraba
    3075 Time Holder
    3633 Venomous Chimera
    3741 Mechaspider
    These are currently all affected boss monsters ingame. ( World bosses excluded )
    But i've also seen Episode 17.x bosses having this buff applied.
  25. Everade's post in location south of prontera was marked as the answer   
    Hey there, and welcome back.
    That would be @warp alt_fild03
    They are located on one of the Althea fields that surround our Metropolis.
    Our Althea Guide NPC can also warp you to the field.
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