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    para market food

    Changed Status to Needs More Info Please add additional information such as the Shop name.
  2. Changed Status to Invalid Report I checked it again and realised that you MUST talk to the Senior Tracker in order to get the quest cooldown resetted. If you don't talk to the Senior Tracker, you won't be able to enter. And keep in mind that re-entering is currently not possible.
  3. These will be adressed in the next Adventure Guild Update. Thank you for the feedback.
  4. Currently working on the Adventure Guild core systems and figured i should adress your feedback accordingly. To make things clear: It was never intended for every individual to be a piece of cake. Please note that it was never meant for new players to finish S quests at all. It's simply something to look forward to once you've leveled up and feel comfortable to achieve them. That's why we dont' start with S quests. C, B and A quests should be doable for the most part, and S quests is more of an achievement than anything else. There's still a chance to get a quest that you can't get over with because you're simply not yet ready, and that's fine. If there are specific items or monsters that are super hard due to: scarce availability, map that's hard to reach, low drop rate... Then yes, we would like to address these. At the end of the day these quests are still 100% RNG. We've only built systems to differentiate difficulty levels. The + series was also added on top, for hardcore questers who can't get enough from a normal daily dose. It is not expected for an average player to play these at all. What changed: I understand that the main complaint lies around the fact that Bosses recieved the green aura buff (which is the biggest change regarding Bosses). As well as the taming changes, which is an understandable problem as well. I'm not sure if the S quests should become any easier though. Bosses didn't really became any stronger, unless that you as the player became a little weaker. So fights simply take longer but should be still easy to manage, even alone if properly geared.
  5. Changed Status to Confirmed Looks like you're trying to re-enter the instance after exiting. The instance currently doesn't support that due to its complexity of a re-enter depending on progress state. Other than that, i wasn't able to find anything that would result in this issue. There are currently no plans to implement the re-enter feature for this particular instance.
  6. Everade

    Friday Dungeon

    By now, you must have heard rumors. Rumors that an ancient king from beyond the dark is wandering the second floor of the Geffen Tower. Will you be able to summon him? Walkthrough Guide and more details can be found in our wiki entry.
  7. Everade

    Weekend Dungeon

    A new dungeon created by an unidentified group, for gatherings who love spending fun weekends. There are no treasures, but this weekend memorial is full of rare high experience monsters. Walkthrough Guide and more details can be found in our wiki entry. Bug Fixes & Improvements Item bonus bDelayRate will now stack with other delay reduction bonuses. Also fixes the aftercast delay of skills so that status and item bonuses properly stack before calculating the final result. [Bug Report#100] This means Kiel-D-01 effect now stacks! Resolves the cardfix ratio getting applied twice in renewal. This fixes inconsistencies with several gear resist bonuses. Fixed bAutoSpellOnSkill item bonuses casting incorrect skill levels. Fixed bWeaponAtkRate item bonuses not stacking properly. Fixed some inconsistencies related to drop rate bonuses. Fixed an issue that prevented a character from changing his/her gender properly. Fixed issues related to NPCs not being able to walk anymore. Fixed multiple autobonuses on the same equipment blocking each other once one of them had been triggered. Added an important weight check on a quest of the Episode 13.2 quest line. Fixed an issue with RODEX's retrieve all. Sometimes players would not be able to retrieve their items anymore. Fixed some skills in skill tree to disappear during certain circumstances. Fixed an issue with the quest system regarding invalid monster spawn timers. Fixed Para Market selling a wrong item. Fixed Edda Half Moon in the Daylight issue that prevented players from finishing the instance [Bug Report#120] Server stability improvements. Skill Updates Corrected Mystical Amplification should not have the IgnoreStatus CastTime flag. Foresight will only apply a cast reduction to learned skills, not those that are granted through item bonuses guild skills, pets, etc. Fire Pillar now properly checks for Blue Gemstones. Cleaned up the skill unit group storage. This fixes some inconsistencies with skill limits like Meteor. Fixed Grimtooth not causing SC_QUAGMIRE status to monsters. Fixed Warp Portal not triggering after using it twice in a row. Fixed the Poison Weapon effects not applying on enemies while standing inside Poisonous Smoke. [Bug Report#109] Known Bug: Venom Bleed debuff is currently applied for 5 minutes instead of 15 seconds.
  8. Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Can't reproduce this any longer. Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Closed due to lack of information. Changed Status to Invalid Report
  11. Closed due to lack of information. Changed Status to Invalid Report
  12. Can't reproduce. Require character info so i can properly test. I was eligible with just using Cart Cannon and Cart Cannon using Wind element weapon and killing solely with Wind Element attacks. Changed Status to Needs More Info
  13. Everade

    Job Improvements

    I'm sorry about the confusion. This major update consisted out of many different official skill updates, so all patch notes have been combined together. It's possible that i've missed changes like these where updates have been reverted or removed again. Although i've tried my best to keep it as clean as possible. I've fixed this specific note in our news. Thanks for pointing it out.
  14. Everade

    Edda Half Moon

    The issue has been resolved and i've exchanged the doll from your inventory. Changed Status to Fixed
  15. Everade

    Edda Half Moon

    I forgot to remove something prior my last test. Sorry about that. Changed Status to Confirmed
  16. Everade

    EDDA Half-Moon

    From one day to another, the Pope of Arunafeltz put her work as a Pope down and fell asleep. Her sleep became deeper and more frequent as time passed by, leading the Pope further down into her dreams. The High Priestess Niren, often worried about the sleeping Pope, secretly sent a letter to the adventurer asking for help. In order to find and solve the cause of the Pope's dream, the adventurer must enter the dream passage, connected to her world of sleep..... The adventurer is walking through a dream passage connected to Pope's dream..... Walkthrough Guide and more details can be found in our wiki entry. Bug Fixes Corrected several Malangdo Enchant combo bonuses. [Bug Report#114]
  17. Will be fixed in our next patch. Changed Status to Fixed
  18. Duplicate report. There have been many reports regarding accessory card change. This is official and i tended. Changed Status to Invalid Report
  19. Everade

    Summer Event

    Thank you for your participation. Seaside Egg rewards have been handed out to your inventories, in case you've won.
  20. I'm not certain how the mechanics would affect this specific situation without reverse engineering the current code base. But i can certainly say that the effect of this headgear matches its description. Yes.
  21. - Id: 18878 AegisName: Palace_Guard_Cap Name: Palace Guard Cap Type: Armor Buy: 10 Weight: 1000 Defense: 15 Slots: 1 Locations: Head_Top: true EquipLevelMin: 50 Refineable: true View: 991 Script: | [email protected] = max(5,getrefine()); bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Neutral,[email protected]; bonus bLongAtkDef,[email protected]; bonus bUnbreakableHelm; Looks fine to me. Which effect do you believe isn't working properly?
  22. It's not that easy to differentiate our custom content from official one, because we have many customizations for official items too. But i'll think about a custom implementation. When the effect doesn't reflect its description, just like in most games. I would say that >95% of all reports we've ever recieved were always based on the actual effect not reflecting its description. Experienced players might compare an item description with its script, after they noticed issues with the item. So it doesn't really make much of a difference. Item scripts aren't obvious for an average player eitherway, not even for experienced ones, and combo bonuses and script functions would still be missing and are possibly missleading. I think you're going a little overboard with this one. You're refering to an in-game shop that has absolute no relation to a real-money purchase. Neither did anyone ever say that it's "ok". We admited a wrong item description and fixed it accordingly. I think there's a very big difference between purposely advertising wrong information and an actual error. Please note that we don't translate all items on our own. Instead, 99% of all item description translations are based on an open source project that we rely on. These transaltions are mainly done by a single person, so there's basically no quality control. But it's much more complicated than that. (not going into detail here) I'm sorry if i missed helping you out personally. Feel free to open a support ticket and i will happily assist you with an apporpriate gRO token compensation. As i've said before, there are many issues when it comes to showing item scripts. If you're really so keen to check on official item scripts, the emulator we're based on is open source: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rathena/rathena/master/db/re/item_db_equip.yml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rathena/rathena/master/db/re/item_db_etc.yml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rathena/rathena/master/db/re/item_db_usable.yml
  23. I'll close this report in that case. And about the cart boost, please stay on topic so we don't mix up any report discussions. I'm not aware about any walk speed changes that could have affected the skill. Changed Status to Invalid Report
  24. Everade

    Party exp

    I'm glad that we fixed it for you eventualy.
  25. Everade

    App & Discord Bot

    Progressive Web App Our website can now be installed as a progressive web app on your smart phones and pc! This isn't a native app found in any store, but a new technology (PWA) that allows up to date browsers to offer an installment of a website as an app! It offers a full-screen experience, great loading speed benefits and comes with several more app-like features. Please note that all this is dependent on your internet browser, and an install prompt should trigger automatically when visiting our website. If not, most browsers also have a new "install App" or "add to your homescreen" menu selection in the browser settings when visiting our website. Both should trigger an App install, despite their naming scheme. Combined with the new Push Notifications in our community board, you'll get App Notifications directly from our forums! More info on our Community Board updates further below. Discord Server We've made many improvements to our Discord presentation, channels, roles and functionalities. In case you're not yet using Discord or haven't joined our server just yet, now is a great time to take a closer look. You can now assign yourself roles in our new #reaction-roles section. The only role that's currently available is our @News group, which allows you to sign up for news posted within Discord. That means you will be pinged for posts within the news section! Simply react to the news paper emoji and you're good to go. Our Discord Server is now featuring powerful commands, that communicates directly with our website and/or the divine-pride database! Divine-Pride.net is a comprehensive database that gathers its data from the official Ragnarok Online servers. While Divine-Pride doesn't resemble GatheringRO directly, most of our data resembles official content. As such it delivers a great toolset for your daily dose of information or comparisons. !help #Shows a list of support related commands. !item {itemID} #Returns GatheringRO item info. !ditem {itemID} #Returns Divine-Pride item info, including set and container information. !monster {monsterID} #Returns GatheringRO monster info. !dmonster {monsterID} #Returns Divine-Pride monster info. !boss #Returns World Boss timer info. !sig {characterName} #Generates a live signature based on your in-game character. We've also added a handful of support commands, to easily handout appropriate support links to users. The command !help will show you a full list of these. Content & Landing Page Our ingame rules from our forums have been migrated into our Rules of Conduct. Although we're now featuring less total rules in numbers, they are mainly rephrased and compress more possible cases into single sentences or rules. Our updated conduct breaches also declare all details about our new disciplinary process. Please make sure to read our updated forms. The last update date is always outlined at the very top of each form. Here's a total list of our legal forms: - Terms of Service - Rules of Conduct (Recently Updated) - Naming Policy - Conduct Breaches (Recently Updated) - Privacy Policy Updated World Boss timer - boss cards with new backgrounds and names. Improvements on all rotation systems such as our news, the info part and screenshots. This should fix several weird behavior when swiping on mobile phones or when using wide-screen monitors. Scaling improvements for wide-screen monitors, especialy on the screenshots feature. Screenshots now auto-rotate to indicate the touchable carousel feature. Many Security, SEO and Performance optimizations. We've been measuring an average of 50% loading time reductions on tethered mobile connections and up to 60% loading time improvements on desktops! We're happy to have reached an average of 1 seconds loading time on our main page, despite offering a full fledged control panel with dynamic website content/UI. Control Panel Reset Gear & Look now also resets the secondary class outfits. Character reset functions are now clearly visible so you can't miss them that easily any longer. It allows you to unstuck your characters without game master assistance, in case you encounter client crashes. Please make sure to still leave a bug report so we can fix it for everyone. These buttons are available on your character overview at the top left and should only serve emergency cases to keep you in the game instead of waiting for us. Account registration is now clear, simple and requires much less user input. We don't want to set unnecessary barriers for new players, and get them into the game asap. Input fields are now tested live, so it will indicate invalid inputs in red and valid ones green. Database Our monster and item database is now fully up to date, and displays new useful information. Updated item database to reflect our latest ingame content. Updated all item descriptions, now supporting all our custom items. (We're aware that the descriptions are still featuring font colors that are barely readable on our dark background. We're looking into possible solutions) Item and monster images are now updated automatically. Random Option bonuses on your personal items are now displayed. Item listing now features shows its SubType next to the Type. Updated monster database to reflect our latest ingame content, including item drop chances. Monster item drop chances are now more accurate, and reflect the true ingame drop rates for any item type. (there are still some exceptions where the drop rates aren't fully accurate which require further improvements) The guild emblem system has been updated to utilize the new client emblem system. Fixed all Reset Buttons on database filters, so it properly resets given input and reloads the page. Fixed the market (vendor) page and made a handful of smaller optimizations. We're currently looking into improving our database systems, so that we can deliver even more useful data at your fingertips. Community Board Our community board can now also be individualy installed as a progressive web app on your smart phone by adding it to your homescreen. Although the main website app already includes our forums, this is great for those players who're interested into engaging with our community on a daily basis. Just like the website, this feature is dependent on your internet browser and the main differences are that it directly loads into our community board. We now support Native Sharing! Using the native content share button will initialize your operating system in-built sharing functions. This is especially useful for your smartphone so we can now support all your favorite apps for sharing! We now support Native Push Notifications! It will send push notifications directly to your devices if enabled, just like your favorite apps. It's easier than ever to engage with our community. Review your Notification Settings. Updated community board core systems. Now powered by PHP 8.x and we also swapped our database engine for an overall improved performance. Dark Mode! For all those late-night fans. Checkout the top right corner of this page and hit that little sun/moon button. <--> We've pruned lots of old invisible/deprecated users and content. (deleted over 20'000 spam accounts) We've globally removed ALL user warnings and unbanned lots of banned accounts. Hooray! There's your second2 chance! Profile Status Updates have been removed. We've seen lots of users trying to get support through posting status updates, which never made it through to us since they're not easily to be found. Although we offer several social features, we feel like Status Updates belong to the "other" kind of social platforms. Revived lots of old player guides which are frequently visited based on search engine statistics. We don't want your hard work to go to waste and players seeking information got something to look at! (Added new images to replace broken ones, and adjusted old info that's no longer up to date) Our announcement/news/events system now features larger background images for an even better news/events presentation. Several improvements for Android and MacOS with icons when added to homescreen. Profile images, preview images, summary sidebar and grid view related images are now lazy loaded. That means that the page is able to load the page and content first, and then starts loading images. This improves the overall community page load performance tremendously. Our Community board now supports .webp image formats to be posted. Community Login We want our registration and login process for our community to be as easy and secure as possible. You now have to login with your e-mail address instead of your username for some increased security. We're now offering 2-factor authentification for your community account, using Google Authenticator! Navigate to your "Account Settings" and then "Security and Privacy" settings to enable the new security layer. It will only trigger when you're trying to access from a non-trusted device, so its still convenient yet way more secure! We went through even more tidious API verification processes, so now you can Register & Login using: Google account Microsoft account Discord account You can also connect these to your existing account in the community account settings! Community Ranks & Achievements We're happy to announce that our community board is back with brand new achievements and ranks, based on a gamification system! This is for everyone who enjoys engaging with our community. You now gain points based on your interactions with the community board. You level up based on your gathered points, with currently up to 14 levels ready to be achieved! Automatically unlock achievements based on a set of rules. For example by reporting your first bug report, creating your first player guide, or being with us for a certain amount of days. But there are many more! If less than 5% of our community unlocked a certain achievement, it will be displayed with a "rare" tag. We've also handed out additional manual achievements to hundreds of awesome members, who we believe have absolutely deserved it! You think you're awesome too, but we missed you? Give us a little bump. Wiki Our wiki is an ever growing asset, now storing over 6200 pages and 1600 articles full with pure knowledge! Updated wiki core systems Updated Classes page Updated ASPD page (old had wrong data because of the differences between iRO and kRO) Added Soul Reaper & Star Emperor pages Added new 16.2 instance pages Added new 16.2 quest pages Added hundreds of missing pages and updated several old ones.
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