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  1. Everade, I have a problem, last night I was online and experimenting my weapon, but suddenly I was freezing and cant login anymore, so I just turn off my pc, and now when I'm online my thana and tgen was missing, cou;dn't find it anywhere in my account...T.T

    Can u please check it?

    1. Everade


      Next time please send me a private message or contact me on Discord, i check those all the time.
      Status updates aren't the best place to reach out on me.

      Now please tell me a character name or something to hold on to.
      With which character were you online when this happened?
      And where were the cards exactly before they've vanished?

      If you're not comfortable to talk about this in public, please send me a private message.

    2. Aii


      Thought it was ptivate message..xD

      and I did pm ed you on discord too...

      but done pm ed the problem..

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