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  1. Yes, the new housing system is already partly developed and will make its return at some point. Instead of limited individual housing maps, it will be an instanced system and will also offer some brand new and overhauled features.
  2. There are currently no plans on increasing drop rates, especially not with our current plans for the future of gRO as described here: I recommend to only take the risk of an upgrade if you've already a spare gear at hand, in case you're trying to upgrade your main gear. Or you can also take safe refinements options into consideration so there's no fear of gear loss as outlined in our wiki: https://gatheringro.com/wiki/Refinement_System#Upgrade_Offerings
  3. Everade

    Easter Hunt

    The hunting season has started! Hunt for fresh Yolk to feed the hungry Wolf and help the Huntress in need. The Huntress in Need A young huntress is offering goods in exchange for your healthy arms and time. Go hunting and bring her those precious cards that she's asking for. Who could say no to a beauty in need? Meet her North-West in Althea. The Hungry Wolf The Althea citizen James and his weird Wolf are lurking around on the north field of Althea. But beware of the wolf! He's extremely hungry and bites anything that gets just close enough
  4. That's a lot of options :D I understand your concern, but overall i think there could possibly be more exciting options instead of repeating what you've already been repeating all day long.
  5. Originaly, the release was planned for last summer and the news were already named "Summer Update". Obviously, this never happened, due to several reasons. So i'm here to offer you some transparency on what happened and/or what's happening. So if you're with me, let me give you the answer you didn't ask for: I've just quit my full time job as an employee and my contract runs out in 2 months. This wasn't a planned change, but necessary for my own sake. (no i didn't get fired, it was my own decision.) Current plan is that i will no longer continue to work as an employee at a
  6. I will consider this topic as closed for now, because i've made smaller and bigger changes to several custom cards in our development environment quite a while ago. Won't go into any detail for now, because it will only trigger another discussion based on information you guys just don't have just yet.
  7. Everade

    Sweet Valentine

    Our annual Sweet Valentine festivities have ended.
  8. Everade

    16th Anniversary

    Our festivity has ended.
  9. Everade

    Server Maintenance

    Game server was undergoing hardware maintenance. We're back online. Sweet Valentine & Anniversary Events have ended. Fixed a quest variable check on the Warp Agent NPC when trying to warp to the Wolfchev's Laboratory.
  10. Seems like the Warp Agent is looking for the wrong quest variable. Instead of checking the quest progress of the Cursed Spirit Quest it asks for 31 lhz bosses. Will be fixed on the next update.
  11. None of your mentioned IDs have an applied cooldown. However i tested the ID's i've mentioned before ingame, and noticed that they indeed have an aprox. 8 seconds shared cooldown. (ID 12202-12207) So the cooldown isn't applied on the item itself. I assume it's connected to their SC_FOOD_STR_CASH effect. But honestly i've no clue where the actual delay comes from. Don't see where you take that 30 seconds cooldown from though. Maybe you just tried to use them on a restricted map.
  12. The only item i checked was 12075 as used in this report (as hotlinked image). However there's also no other consumable buff in our item_delay database that would point to any cooldown. The item_delay database defines actual consumable cooldown, which means you cannot actualy consume the item when double clicking it while it's on cooldown. However there might be other cooldowns that might apply outside of this database, which are bound to specific status effects that can not be extended upon re-usage. //12202,60000 //Str_Dish10_ //12203,60000 //Agi_Dish10_ //12204,60000
  13. I don't see any particular defined cooldown, but it could be possible that the statuses they apply are bound to certain cooldowns, which is most likely official. Or you're trying to use them on a map with certain restrictions.
  14. We've not made any skill changes since quite a while. Eucharistica however has been removed from the game, also on official servers.
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