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  1. Everade

    Troubleshooting Client

    We're here to help you ~First and foremost we need to approve if GatheringRO has been correctly installed on your Computer Entertainment System. And if your computer requirements are all met, so it can properly run the game. System Requirements Before you start trying to fix something that can't be fixed, make sure to visit the download page and check all the minimum requirements. It is crucial that your system meets all the mininum specification. [ CHECK SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ] Mac & Linux OS Please note that Ragnarok Online is designed for Win
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  2. Kristoff

    Gatheringro Art Event

    http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j324/privateupload/4b517c07.png if you liked my entry kindly click the below do the same for the other entries if you like theirs too!
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