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  1. This guide will go through an extensive process on how to get the fabled costumes available only once a month. Though the process is simple, the question is: are you ready to grind? If you are, then here is a guide that should aid you in your quest for some sick drip. The Legend of the Four Lords So basically there are these four blokes who decided "Hey, let's seal our irresistibly strong powers inside strange holes that will require a tedious amount of effort to break.", and so The Legend of the Four Lords was born. If you wish to learn more about the history of the four bloke
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  2. Problem resolved. I "cheated" by using the warp command: @warp job3_arch02 and I progressed through as if the issue is didn't happen.
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  3. Kazalus

    Dear Santa

    Dear Santa, It's been a while since I've last written to you like this. I apologize as I've been incredibly preoccupied with college and my other responsibilities/hobbies. However, instead of asking you for a gifts, I'd like you to bless someone else instead as I feel that the gift that I might request would be better for someone else to have, and since Christmas is the season for giving, I do implore that you give a little bit of something to everyone. This year has been quite the harrowing experience for most of us here and I believe that everyone deserves a dose of happiness. That bei
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  4. omgz excelent guide
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