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  2. I've got concerns regarding the customized effects of our current equips and how it's gonna be on the upcoming update. Will the customized equipment be reverted back to official? Like the Geffen Magic Robe, some players are still trying to make it to +12 to maximize the potential of the armor, however, if it gets reverted back to official, then it's all for naught. It's not just Geffen Magic Robe, we've got lots of costume items here that are really good but also needs high refinement, but it is really shitty when compared to the official ones. Would really love to know in regards t
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  5. Due to power scaling. As part of the normalization update, this will be reverted.
  6. Everade

    Server Maintenance

    Server was undergoing hardware maintenance and is now back online. Shadow's Eve events have ended.
  7. Everade

    Shadow's Eve

    Shadow's Eve has ended.
  8. De qué me huyes?! :O Bloqueada y todo [email protected]?

  9. What is the reason that Giant Octopus has 500,000 per hit when using Waterball? Waterball hits 100 times at level 10, giving a total damage of 50,000,000. Seems like Giant Octopus has 660 int.
  10. I'll post a formal thread on the Bug Tracker section. I hope you'll look into it. Thank you.
  11. Would be cool and be really appreciated if we have like a "sample" we can check on site or in-game how the costumes would look when worn other than being linked by other characters. Sometimes the item icon can be really deceiving and might get really disappointed when bought and worn.
  12. Everade

    Shadow's Eve

    It's time to gather for mischief and mayhem during this year's Shadow's Eve! Our anual events have returned and shines with new rewards for you to unlock. Spooky Machine The Spooky Machine can be found in front of the Adventure Guild. Interact with the machine to recieve a Cracked Buckler shield. Equip the shield and interact with it once more. It will attempt to upgrade your Cracked Buckler as high as it possibly can until it breaks. Depending on which upgrade level the item breaks, you will get a prize in return! If the buckler is upgraded to +10 or higher
  13. I guess i've missread the question then. Yes, it's supposed to not deal damage any longer once the enemy has been freezed. That gives you the opportunity to do a combo using lord of vermillion or So i guess you're trying to say it's the other way around? Then i consider it a bug.
  14. According to: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/89 "do not take damage while the freezing status is maintained."
  15. That's working as intended. The freezing chance is higher, the LOWER your skill level. So if you're looking forward to deal more damage, you would have to use the highest skill level to reduce the freezing chances.
  16. Everade

    Novice Slippers

    Glad to hear that the issue has been solved by selling ;)
  17. I can't find any other way to remove this basically useless item that I have no idea how and where I got it from. It's taking up space in my inventory and it's hella annoying. Can someone help me please? *EDIT* I have been told that to sell this to an NPC and it worked like a charm.
  18. Thank you so much. Looking forward to these upcoming updates.
  19. We're still working on the normalization update. This will shift every aspect of the game tenfold, so we're not touching anything balancing related until the changes are live. They should become stronger since the overall character strength will be weakened. More details to the planned normalization update can be found here:
  20. Those are oficial updates, the problem about the GatheringRO it's we are missing itens, itens for exemple remove this skill cool down. You can search on google and see that is oficial.
  21. Is there anyway or make it possible that the Sorcerer's elemental summons a bit stronger or tougher? They're so squishy, easily killed and their cooldown is really long. They're also a bit expensive in the Tool Shop. We have the skill Elemental Cure but it takes a lot of HP for us to heal it to full. It would be a great help on Sorcerer users to make summons last longer in the battle field; this also gives them more versatility.
  22. As what I have recalled, Storm Gust doesn't hit enemies that it froze. Is this suppose to work like this? Or is this a bug? If it's the latter, can have it fixed? Thanks.
  23. Any oldie still hanging around?

  24. We have no plans to increase the buff strength even further as of now.
  25. Based on our current system, that's impossible. The system remembers the past X instances to prevent repetition, but it still picks instances randomly upon reset. As of now, we could only create a bulletin that shows past instances.
  26. Hey Gacha I've been playing with the idea of an item melter system for several years now, which is not just limited to world bosses. The main problem with that has always been to deliver an appropriate interface, because navigating through NPC dialogue just doesn't feel right. On the other hand, such melters can become extremely complex for proper detection and balancing, which usualy requires an extensive additional library/database. Ragnarok has come up with a system that represents something very similiar, but i've been waiting for it's release ever since. We might get an item
  27. Hey Kazalus Thank you for your indept input on world bosses. The map That's pretty specific for a boss that's supposed to spawn on the open world. We have no plans to create specific event maps for world bosses. Especially not a Battlegrounds styled mode. I feel like you're missing the key part of an open world game, which is the world itself. If you're looking for a more boss-like map setup, i would say that you've got enough options with the currently available instances. Ranking/Reward system The main idea behind world bosses is to give every single playe
  28. Everade

    New Website

    New Design Our web design has seen drastic change over the past few weeks. The landing page is cleaner than ever before, inviting new players into the world of midgard and beyond! While old design was overloaded with small portions of information, the new design allows your eyes to rest and sink into information while scrolling down. We now have the opportunity to showcase news, features, classes and screenshots right at the front page with a dynamic, responsive design. Mobile Friendly We're happy to announce that our website is now fully mobile friendl
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