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  3. Updated guide to be compliant with the latest version of the quest.
  4. Implemented a final fix to rectify the issue on NPC initialization.
  5. Everade

    Sweet Valentine

    Fixed several issues with the Lady Solace Quest line.
  6. Everade

    Sweet Valentine

    This lovely season spreads sweets and love for your beloved ones. Watchout for Cupid emptying his quiver upon you! Sweet Cash Shop Looking for a great Valentine's Gift? We've updated our cash shop with a brand new Valentine's Egg that features lovely new costumes (details below). The Valentine's Egg is yours to keep or share with your beloved ones and comes with brand new costumes. A long with older fan favorites, we've added an all new "Wings of Love" to our store front. Only available during the season of love! Valentine's Egg Content
  7. This guide will go through an extensive process on how to get the fabled costumes available only once a month. Though the process is simple, the question is: are you ready to grind? If you are, then here is a guide that should aid you in your quest for some sick drip. The Legend of the Four Lords So basically there are these four blokes who decided "Hey, let's seal our irresistibly strong powers inside strange holes that will require a tedious amount of effort to break.", and so The Legend of the Four Lords was born. If you wish to learn more about the history of the four bloke
  8. It seems that the NPC from our Anniversary event is overlapping the quest NPC, as it represents the actual president himself. You'll have to wait until the end of the event, for the NPC to trigger the official quest dialogue again.
  9. I'm on step 12 of president quest I need to get the file folder after talking to the president, but it's not letting me progress.
  10. Which part of the quest are you refering to?
  11. Hi, I've been doing this President quest http://irowiki.org/wiki/President_Quest but it's not letting me progress because it gives me a different quest instead of the one on the guide. It's making me find a crying girl outside of thana tower for the Northern Seal Quest, but I search every where from hu_fild01 to hu_fild04 and there's no crying girl anywhere. I tried searching for the Northern seal/Jewel of Vi quest but there's no such thing. HAAAALP PLS T_T
  12. I see this is still around, idk how i still remember my acc but hey, hope you doing great man.

    1. Everade


      Absolutely ;)
      Nice to see you here.

  13. You can purchase the unslotted version here: prontera,178,244 The slotted version has never been implemented due to lacking official information. We're currently looking into those missing pieces and hope do deliver this content with a future update. When it gets implemented, you will be able to get your slotted version from the NPC called: Leablem at payon,236,199
  14. Where to get? I needed it to make the Tenebris ninja armor No monsters drop it and none of the Socket Enchant brothers offer to enchant as some links in google says Leablem does.
  15. Uhm... what happened to Arch Bishop's Eucharistica?
  16. Everade

    16th Anniversary

    GatheringRO's birthday is just around the corner! On February 15th, Gathering Ragnarok Online turns 16! That's why during the entire month of february we're returning with our annual Legend of the four Lords quest line! Legend of the four Lords Discover the legend of the four Lords, ancient leaders who ones vowed to protect our lands. This time limited event comes with several event exclusive rewards for you to unlock! [Visit our dedicated event page] Event Rewards Our anniversary events allows you to unlock the following costumes and/or excl
  17. I think the Smithery Tool Dealer in Althea got them in their store list. Also the Battlegrounds supplier in exchange for the BG currency.
  18. https://gatheringro.com/wiki/Mora_Enchants#Artifact_Researcher_.28Ranger.2C_Guillotine_Cross_.26_Rune_Knight.29
  19. No these scales are not for sale.
  20. Hi, I'm trying to complete the white wing set. I'm looking for the white wing boots and mantaeu, but I can't seem to find it. I googled and it said it can be acquired by doing the mora quest, but I can't seem to figure out how to start that quest. Can anybody help? my IGN is the same as my display name
  21. Ah okay. Was gonna try to get the Ninja Scale Armor and it needs 30 Fire Dragon Scale, 30 Ice Scale, 30 Darkred Scale Piece. Also was gonna go get Tenebris Latitantes. Got the 10 Dark Pieces but I need a Special Ninja Suit[1], sadly the slotted version isn't sold anywhere and the none of the enchant bros has that in their options.
  22. Every item database entry includes a buy and sell entry. Although yes, it can also be defined as 0. This doesn't mean that it's actualy being sold by a NPC. It's a basic definement for a default buy and/or sell price within the database and has no direct connection to NPCs. This price will be used if a NPC shop uses the item, and the price has been set to "default" instead of a custom price definement. That's all. I could look them up being sold if you want, but i would require the item id to do so.
  23. Okay... going to do the Ninja/Kagerou/Oboro equipment quests and one of them require scales from 3 MVP's 30 each. I checked GRO Item Database and these scales gave a price under the "NPC Buy" column. As far as I remember there is not one NPC that sells drops from MVP monster, not in the official game servers. Where is the NPC that I can buy these scales from?
  24. Problem resolved. I "cheated" by using the warp command: @warp job3_arch02 and I progressed through as if the issue is didn't happen.
  25. Hey there ZakAvatarz All of the following prerequisites must be given: 1.) You must be base class Priest (obviously) 2.) Exactly Base level 99 3.) At least job level 50 If one of them doesn't apply, the Valkyrie will warp you back outside. Also: - There shall not be any extra skill points left. All of them have to be applied to skills or you won't be able to continue. - No active mercenary, or you won't be able to continue either. Also: Appropriate quest progress must be given accordingly. If you've missed any of the steps, she will warp you outside.
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