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  • World Boss Maps - Affect Skill DMG

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     Blitz Beat ist doing incredibly high damage on prt_fild08




    Aim Bolt and Sharp Shooting seem to be doing different damage on different maps.


    13-14k Sharp Shooting on alt_fild02




    117-119k Sharp Shooting on lou_fild01




    112-118k Aimed Bolt on lou_fild01





    75k Aim Bolt on Porings/Other Mobs in alt_fild07
    113-117k Aimed Bolt on Porings on prt_fild08





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    Looks like this is a fundamental core issue in rAthena where it messes up the mapflag zones. (not confirmed)

    rAthena is planning a new zone system that gets rid of mapflags entirely. So we hope it can be fixed during the course of that re-design.

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