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  • The skill Turn undead can't get level up.

    Miss Carol
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    Here we put 3 points in turn undead(put only one point don't change, put point in magnus exorcismus too(turn undead is pre-requise for magnus exorcismus))




    and thenm it back to 0... xD


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    Hi, this might be a late reply but I had a similar issue which I alleviated by removing items that certain grant skills.

    Take the 63033.png?nocache=1194282002 Pimp Hat and the 63027.png Luxury Hat for example which grant Level 4 all_resurrection.gif Resurrection regardless whether or not you invested in your pr_strecovery.gif Status Recovery skill.

    The reason why this bugs is because despite you actually possessing the skill, you in fact, did not invest your own skill points in your class' tree therefore you cannot the desired skill.

    For instance, you wanted to get pr_turnundead.gif Turn Undead but it requires at least Level 1 all_resurrection.gif Resurrection and Level 3 pr_lexdivina.gif Lex Divina. However, judging by your all_resurrection.gif Resurrection being level 4 already, you might have had a 63027.png Luxury Hat equipped on your character. Removing that might enable you to add skill points to your all_resurrection.gif Resurrection skill and therefore allow you to obtain pr_turnundead.gif Turn Undead. Hope this helps! :D 

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    Thanks for pointing that out.

    Kazalus is right, skills unlocked by gear interferes with the skill tree.
    So taking them off is always a good idea.


    @Miss Carol

    However the skill tree can also cause issues if you haven't spent enough skill points on the first skill page.
    You must have spent at least 9 skill points on the 1st page before you can start spending anything on the 2nd.



    To visualise this better, simply minimize the skill tree window.
    That way, you always see if spending skill points on a specific skill is possible/valid or not.


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