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    Hello , I would like to report a NPC Jurgen I cannot click him since then 5-6 days ago, and I already lost around 20 Honor Tokens coz he isnt working anymore. 



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    I have to re-do the whole quest again from the beginning because of the new client the finish quest are back from start. so I dont know if it works or not 

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    The quest progress shouldn't be affected, although there was quite some big changes on episode 16.1 quests.
    However the quest progress should have been converted to the new format.

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    The quest doesn't continue by speaking to that boy.
    Your quest progress is much further. There are no further actions on Isaac for you.

    From what i see, the last thing you did was speaking to Jurgen Wigner located at:

    Which is basically the last part of this specific quest line.

    Which means you should have had the quest "There is a Silver Lining" in your quest log which had a 4h time limit.
    However i can't see it right now, so i've added this specific quest back to your quest log.

    Since you're finished with everything, you should now be able to do daily quests when talking to the Maid.

    Talk to the Maid located at:

    There's your current progress where you can do the daily quest.
    And your issue with the missing quest log entry should hopefuly be fixed.

    If it doesn't work with the Maid, go back to Jurgen Wigner.


    This should be an isolated case and i hope there aren't any other affected players.

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