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  • Super novice lvl 4 equipment un-equiping after portal

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    After getting a soul link and the link wears off, if you go through a portal the lvl 4 items and headgear items are taken off. I was testing damage on eggs outside in althea. not sure if all portals or just the ones in that town. As soon as you walk back into town they are removed. they are supposed to stay on and be re-equipable even if they are broken and have to be repaired. will you please look into this. thank you much 


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    Yes , The super Novice is named Rossloff. he is max lvl and job lvl.  he is a swordy style super not mage. 

    Stats are 200 agi, 200 luck, 149 str, 100 dex, 50 vit 50 int.

    equipment,  airship set and crimson dagger. 

    I received a soul link to equip the Golden dragon helm, and an icepick .

    With soul link supers can wear any head gear, and equip lvl 4 daggers, rods, staffs, maces and axes as long as they are once handed.

     i equipped them and went to test speed damage at the eggs next to Althea town. after the soul link skill ended and i went through the warp portal to town the items were taken off, yes i still had the items but i couldn't re-equip the items till i had another soul link. so i tried it again, another link and items back on . waited for skill to stop and went through the portal and sure enough, they were taken right back off. according to the skill info, the items will stay on untill taken off even after skill ends. if they are broken you can get them repaired and should  be able to re-equip with out another soul link. I hope this helps as i would love to finish this odd build and see how fun it is.  thank you ahead of time

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    The emulator checks player equip upon map change. It basically reload your bonuses and attributes. So at that point it realises that you're not allowed to wear that equipment so its taken off.

    We would have to confirm the behavior on official servers to be true and report it back to rathena devs.

    But from what i can tell emulator wise, it sounds normal.

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    this first screen shot is of the skill from ratemyserver.net  the second one is from iro wiki. this is where my information comes from and also my experience from playing on other servers. granted this is my first time playing on a renewal server,  so if it is different i will just have to deal with it but i haven't been able to find any information that says it is or maybe im just reading it wrong. 660273881_Screenshot(3).thumb.png.ca14f985edc3cbb320f0a72aa0e9033f.png  

    Screenshot (2).png

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    Please note that ratemyserver information is based on random information gathered from emulators and other unknown sources.
    And iRO also features tons of customizations and isn't up to date.

    Our entire game is based on kRO, which is the official game from Korea.

    As such, we would have to verify this on the kRO server.

    However, since we're currently working on a large update that reworks most classes entirely, i'm not sure if this has already been adressed anyways.

    I will put this on hold for now.

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