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  • Star Gladiator - Union Skill Access

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    On being soullinked i do not gain access to SLS Union nor can I put skill points into it at any time image.thumb.png.097af22300df7e33173b093c65716546.png


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    You can actually put a skill point on sg_fusion.gif Union. Just follow these steps:

    1) Open your Skill Tree and minimize it.


    2) Scroll down until you see the desired skill.


    3) Click the LvUP icon to add the skill point. Click Apply and press OK.


    And there you have it :) You have sg_fusion.gif Union now!

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    Thank you Kazalus.

    This bug is related to the skill tree UI only. There are several other issues that don't work within the Skill Tree due to data inconsistency.
    We hope to address most of our current skill tree and skill description issues with the upcoming major skill and class reworks.

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