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  • @showcast not showing cast time reductions

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    As the title states, the slotted Wing Staff does not reduce fixed cast time at all. I tested this using the @showcast command.

    63552.png Wing Staff [1] (Item ID: 63552)



    Without Wing Staff [1]:



    With Wing Staff [1]:



    The chat log indicates that with and without the Wing Staff, the cast time remains the same. The skill that was used in this test was wz_vermilion.gif Lord of Vermilion with a base Int of 200, and a base Dex of 150.


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    1.) Lord of Vermilion fixed cast time is already 0, so there's nothing you could reduce ;)
    2.) It seems like the @showcast command doesn't work properly and thus, doesn't show the variable cast time reduction either.

    According to my tests, the cast time reduction effects worked just fine.


    Changed report title accordingly.

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    @showcast was actualy displaying the cast time before any reductions took place.
    It has been fixed now and will be released in the upcoming patch.

    Changed Status to Fixed

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